Workplace sign-makers, your co-workers already hate their jobs enough (16 Photos)

  • Donewrong

    we have a girl who protects her yogurt like a hawk. I hate her more than words

    • garp

      …what have you got against words?

      • huh

        America must protect the Yogurt Hawk from possible extinction. Hated more than words, it was hunted to near extinction in the wild frontiers during the land rush of the 1800’s. It is a true tragedy that someday our children might know an America without the Yogurt Hawk.

    • Anonmouse

      What a bitch! You mean she actually wants to eat the food that she bought with her own money instead of letting others steal it from her? I say again…what a bitch!!!

  • uber mask

    thank you chive, for recognizing that these are not cool. most people glorify them online. they just make me want to punch whoever wrote it in the face

  • Karen

    i make these all the time. I’m srsly realizing now how much my coworkers hate me

    • Roscoe

      The Chive – bettering humanity one person at a time!!!

    • huh

      I suggest making and posting some signs to educate your coworkers on why they shouldn’t make and post any signs.

      +20 Chive points if you do it in a super passive aggressive manner so that if they get mad, they look like the asshole and you look like the voice of reason.

  • Pepper

    I’m all for some of these signs. If people just acted like respectable human beings (not pissing on toilet seats or stealing people’s muffins), there wouldn’t be a reason for these signs. The people who make these signs want everyone else to behave in an acceptable manner (like they should without reminder), but they can’t be around constantly to monitor every situation. So the next time you see one of these signs, know that they wouldn’t be there if someone didn’t break a rule, ignore a request, or act like a complete douchebag.

    • imdbsucks

      sounds like somebody had their precious blueberry muffers stolen recently?

  • tombody

    it’s like i agree with the signs but I find myself siding with the chive. – as they casually take signs that were once upheld as ‘funny’ and totally reverse that idea

  • SomeRandomGuy

    retarded signs.. this is when people should start urinating all over the place … That’ll Teach ‘Em

  • Equalizer

    Last one is gross

  • GrannY DanGer

    I would smash those muffins next time I saw them lurking in the fridge

  • sauce

    mmmm blueberry muffins

  • HimAgain

    I think todays “Send your photo to chive” should be

    Of course maybe I should let them name it

  • HellHathNoFury

    *talks with muffin in mouf*
    There’s a sign in my daughter’s school that say, ‘if you’re old enough to read, clean up where you peed’
    12-soylent green is people!!

    • C. Heston

      OMG I’ve been eating people!

      • HellHathNoFury

        And then you bought soylent green, too?
        Shame, Charlton.

  • Phill

    Some people are shameless. Presumably, you’re making the same money as your co workers. How is it that you have to steal to eat everyday?

  • som

    I fail to see a problem with most of these notes. Some people seriously have no morals. With that said, I could see many people making it a point to do these shameful acts MORE after seeing the notes.

  • Biscuit

    I can certainly see the irritation that would cause somebody to put up some signs like these. If I had to constantly clean wee off the toilet seat because -adults- couldn’t manage the aim or courtesy to piss into the toilet correctly, I’d get pretty agitated since I would get sick of having to play mommy and clean up their mess, and I’m not legally allowed to install a camera and then shoot the people who don’t know how to properly utilize their genitals in the restroom.

    And anyone who takes so much offense at reading the sign that they decide to go “out of control firehose” on the restroom doesn’t deserve to be treated like an adult.

    • HellHathNoFury

      …or have a job or get paid.
      I love you for that, Biscuit. Sweet, buttery Biscuit.

  • MichaelGS

    i always get tasked with making signs because the asshats I work with dont clean up after themselves, Im definately gonna use #1 next time. thanks Chive, youre a true inspiration

  • HANK

    I dont know just cuz someone lifts the seat or wipes or whatever doesn’t make it clean enough to sit on anyways I still take all purpose cleaner and spray and wipe the seat b4 sitting no matter how clean it looks if you dont want to wipe the seat b4 sitting everytime then go home and drop a duece. If you have enough time to make a sign then theres plenty of time to wipe the seat

    • Robbo

      Sometimes deuces sneak up on you, in that case I birdie perch on the toilet when soiled

  • ken

    Do the sign makers do it because they actually expect people to alter their behavior due to some random, anonymous message from co-worker or do they do it just to make themselves feel better?

    Are they control freaks or just having a little tantrum? That is what they are, tantrum signs .

  • SabbathMorgo

    Mexican guys at my work always spray the toilet with shit blast then throw their used Ass paper in the garbage can. The garbage is an open container right next to the shitter. Fucking Terrifying.

    • DaddyD

      In parts of Beijing, people are asked to do this since they'd rather have the contaminated tissue in the landfill than have to try to remove it when it comes through the water treatment plant.

      I've also seen a fair number of rural folks with outhouses do it for similar reasons.

      My suggestion … tell them politely that it's okay to flush the TP.

  • nightkraawler

    why were the sealed muffins kept in the fridge, I was sure someone put them there to share….oooww my stomach hurts when I laugh…it must be all those muffins…

  • dietroll


  • scooby doo

    i always wipe a booger on the sign so they gotta make a sign saying please don't wipe boogers on the signs.

  • Andrew Scott

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  • NoodlumNad

    #14 for some reason i feel like the guy/girl who wrote this is a dick head, just a guess.

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