YahooAnswers does answer one question, I’m surrounded by morons (9 Photos)

  • dt520

    What the fuck is wrong with that guys dick?

    • Nateb123

      Maybe he got a Prince Albert when he was drunk, lost the piercing and now has an extra hole in his wing-ding?

      • HellHathNoFury

        PAs do NOT whistle, no matter how hard you blow in them.
        Just trust me.

        • bullsnot

          No! you have to suck, blow job is just a metaphor

          • P-90

            Unless you want to see a man bleed from the eyes and ears.

        • kjellupa

          You’ve got to play that shit like a 4th grader playing a recorder!

          • HellHathNoFury

            thanks, chalupa, for ruining everything ever.

            • jeff in Australia

              #8 explains a COUPLE of things to me I did not understand…

    • bhifi

      Actually a real thing that happens to some men. Something about too much pressure pushing out the pee hole

  • Equalizer

    I salute to thechive for spending a lot of time in Yahoo Answer, collecting stupid questions like these.

  • Osborl12

    No. 3 isn’t funny, I feel sorry for the kid.

  • Robbo

    HAha, what song, that’s a win.

  • ChrisDG74

    That last one made me LOL.

    • WhereWasItLastTime

      >>ChrisDG74 says: That last one made me LOL.

      ME TOO! Could be we’re related – do you have a crazy Great Aunt Alexandrinatorata too?

  • JK

    The answer in #9 is totally serious. If it’s ‘I’m a little teapot’ you’re probably OK, but if it’s ‘Dueling Banjos’ you’ve got more than one problem.

  • Nagrom

    #9. EPIC answer LMFAO

  • reecedawg1

    do people actually ask this type of shit?

  • aleXTC

    dont know whats wrong with #9 my penis whistles all the time……..wierd

  • anteater

    Here’s the thing about #6, tree bark actually is the nutritional equivalent of cereal, not the outer bark, mind you, but the thinner, softer layer underneath the bark. It’s a woodsman survival skill. I don’t care what that guy says though, ain’t no tree bark in the world gonna beat a nice bowl of Fruit Loops.

  • schango

    #9 WTF!…ROFL

  • edip

    #9 FTW!!

  • Irwin 109

    It’s hard to tell whether these are genuine or not.

  • Peter Bergman

    If these are genuine our education system and parenting skills are totally gone.

  • project_2501

    RIP Brain cells, hope for future generations.

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