Cars can say alot about a person (27 Photos)

  • jeff in Australia

    Yes it does… things like “I wanna be a fireman”..!

  • Dude

    #12 and #24 ftw

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Is 27 the ” Family Truckster” for The Duggar family? What is the show now, 19 kids and her uterus falls out… or something?

  • top dog

    Now some of these shouldn’t be allow on the road, #6?…COME ONNNN!! #19&20,
    somebody should have stayed in school(Jesuc), mabe thats the owners name, I don’t know. I don’t know what the hell 20 is, a car with big balls. #21 I like, If the glass is armored plated that could be a nice little play toy. Thats my opinion and I’am sticking to it.

  • EriktheRed

    I’d like to use #24 on #19. That would make me smile.

  • CunningLinguist

    #12 and #21—–fucking yeeeeeeeeaaaaah!!!!

    im at work, and when i saw these especially numbers 4 and 6, dude, i lol’d so hard, my coworkers were like, wtf mate?

  • Bojangles

    So what’s wrong with 16? You can buy those fans at any auto store. They plug into your 12v socket.

  • IceBerg

    Is #26 from the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde restaurant in Manhattan?

  • Equalizer

    #24 – I think I’ve seen that from the movie “Death Race”

  • Rusty

    #s 21 & 24 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nizati

    #24 looked it rolled right outa a video game. …. sweet.

  • Dreamy

    I wouldn’t even want to enter any of those cars.
    One of the great things of living in “a free country”?

  • Movie Nerd

    A bunch of these are from the MGM back lot tour.

  • aldorod

    To #20: wishful thinking (Overcompensation for his inadequacies)
    This trend/fad must stop NOW!

  • HellHathNoFury

    8 is Red Green! I love him!
    why hadn’t I thought of doing that to my Volvos?
    3 is awesome.
    20-I just love welfare-and-drug-money subsidized cars

  • Nateb123

    #6 & #20: Because nothing says “I’m masculine!” more that putting oversized male genitalia on your vehicle. God, these guys couldn’t advertise how much they like to take it in the tailpipe any more if they tried.

  • Anonymous

    #8 Red Green is pretty awesome, the van has power windows which he made by putting an electric mixing beater on the manuel window crank

    #27 is a ’62 or ’63 dodge dart airport shuttle, that’s what airport shuttles looked like in the 60’s

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  • Mimane

    #7….They see me trollin….>.> i had to say it

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