My job definitely has its moments (3 emails)

We post dozens of photos every day on theCHIVE so we’re no strangers to takedown notices. We’re usually pretty cool about it but this little bible beater was asking for it.

  • Chris

    Oh that was mean 😀

  • schango


    • schango

      not even 21? that is his argument, looks old enough to wear a two piece

      • NotALawyer

        I believe that as long as no nudity or ‘erotica’ is involved, the subject of the picture can be any age.

  • pason

    for the lol’s

  • jameson

    sounds like a lovelorn 13 year old

  • ididit

    high school man. i remember being that dumb. it hurt

  • Nick4444

    I figure that if he’s on the Chive, the less likely he has a world class lawyer.

    • Double-0-George

      Don’t you love how everyone who complains about something on the internet has a lawyer on retainer?

  • Grey

    Bwahahahaaaa !!!! oh god…cant..breathe..

  • Kapica


  • Matt

    haha thats great!! it really is. not 21 though? come on, over 18 and its all good.

    • MichaelGS

      or 16 in some states and the UK

      • Jon

        Yeah, I thought the same thing, Matt. 18 is the legal age, not 21. That’s probably why they were messing with him because they knew they were on the right side of the law.

        • mook

          Besides all this 18, 16 in uk bla bla legal.

          They screen here at the chive and there is no nudity or porn, so who gives a shit.

      • thatsnotausername

        there's no nudity on this site..thus no age applies

  • bbamp

    “some kid tried to code in or some shit” LOL

  • Spanky

    Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed!

    • ChrisDG74

      Does that awesome pick-up line ever actually work for you at family reunions?

  • shatteredhand

    Lol, too much time on his hands. He should know that will just make us all look at the picture.

  • Dude


  • Ditchpig2000


    I anonimously sent a pic of a friend in once and she found out it was on here. She was gonna have you take it down, then a few days later, you named it one of the sexiest photobombs of the year. She hasn’t complained since.

  • Zarquon

    If he really knows her, he shouldn’t be worried about it being on TheChive, he should be worried about MyFreePaysite using it as one of their ads

  • Pug

    My response to Will the spaz-kid’s demand for photo removal: Fuck off.

  • John

    what does it matter if she is 18 or 21?, that photo is as about as tame as it gets, age is completely irrelevant

  • CunningLinguist

    ah the joys of anonymity. rock on chive.

  • JoeMama

    why not ask him to prove he knows her by sending more bikini pics?

    • ChrisDG74


  • Equalizer

    Those Kids are stupid! I hope they are not from Fiji Island and makes that long distance call.

  • Doh

    It’s not like the Chive took the picture. For all you know, he could be the who first posted it on his MySpace/FB page and is now trying to undo the damage.

  • isawoj

    This Mike guy sounds like a real dick. I say you keep giving his phone number to unstable people.

  • norm

    Is that blurred out last name “Hung”?

  • HimAgain

    I you wern’t my heros before this closes the deal.

    And I thought under 21 was only a Defcon 3

    Isn’t defcon 5 when your caught with a dead girl or a live boy?

  • HellHathNoFury

    John, I implore you to take this post down.
    William is still a virgin, and it is offensive to make fun of him. His therapist says it’s bad for his psyche and self-esteem.

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