The internet’s newest obsession: This chick (18 Photos)

christina hendricks 10 The internets newest obsession: This chick (18 Photos)

Her name is Christina Hendricks and if you watch Mad Men you know exactly who this beautiful baby is. These days she’s getting lots of attention from the internet for her awesome boobage. We at theCHIVE are devout boob men so we’ll gladly join the online sensation that is Christina Hendricks’ rocking rack.
For the 50 greatest Christina Hendricks cleavage shots, click here.

  • Gutterville

    38-DDD of fun

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  • forge

    I dunno WHERE the hell y’all have been, I been tracking this girlie since she was on “Angel” waaaaaaaaaayyyy back in 2000, and then as a truly evil vixen on “Firefly,” she’s the awesome. Gorgeous and oh noes, she can actually y’know, ACT.

  • Bojangles

    LOL at the gay comment. She looks dead. It's freakin nasty. I'm sorry but she isn't close to hot IMO. But if you like her then fap away.

    • Meowmix

      totally feel ya dude

  • smick

    Ginger? Hot? Does not compute. Rerun algorithm for genetic mutation that is gingerism….. Result confirmed. Attractive gingers should not exist. Conclusion. Nature is a bastard.

  • SJ

    I remember her from Firefly. “Our Mrs. Reynolds”

  • BW

    I don’t remember her jugs being that big in Firefly… =\

  • Irwin 109

    *Shrugs* I can see the attractiveness but I just don’t think she’s that hot.

  • P-90

    Most of these pics really don’t do her justice, she is hot as hell..

  • Phideauxe

    Goddam I’d like to get a glimpse of those warlocks.

  • The Porn Panda

    Wow, she’s very talented!

  • jane

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  • Spengler

    Isn’t she married with that Roger Rabbit?

  • mcchickenmaker

    I am a chick and I think this woman is hot as hell.

  • Jablai

    Pretty woman….yeah

  • tehb

    Women just don’t understand.

    She has a great figure, nice face, and great breasts. I don’t see them as “saggy,” just full. You can’t have naturally large breasts of that size and shape that will hold UP like implants. Maybe in later life the sag could be an issue but they are just well rounded. I’d do her.

  • Rundy

    Mrs. Reynolds? i am so jealous of that girl – she got to fly in serenity

  • notfat


  • HotandSour

    The next Kristie Alley. Sorry. She was great on Firefly, but since then, balloon city.

    • HotandSour


  • raj

    She gets my vote for woman of the century

  • bob151

    That's a huge bitch!!

  • budderbean1

    John, by the way, I was watching some old episodes of Firefly on SyFy several weeks ago and she appeared in several of them. She looked outstanding…..

  • DropkickAdams

    Its because the only thing we are left asking after view photos like these are " TITS TITS TITS I WANT TO SEE HER TITS!!!!".

  • chena

    ….world class boobage, but, in most of her pix, she looks like a skank….

  • Always Last


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