Hot Right Now: Playboy model is pro golfer Grayson Murray’s new caddie, here are some smokin’ pics of her (17 photos)

Animals just ‘served’ me (25 Photos)

All images were created for an art contest at Worth1000 using Worth1000’s new browser-based editing software, Aviary (

  • Loag

    Wow. Probably the gayest chive gallery i’ve seen. oh well

  • jeff in Australia

    I don’t get it…. an ART contest…? Whatever get’s you through the night I guess…

  • Smell E McStinkerton

    Move along furries, nothing to see here…

  • MichaelGS

    is it wrong that i found the 15 the best?

  • top dog

    OK….Now I’am drunk , a break dancing raccoon. I’am beginning to see things.

  • P-90

    #3 Alesha Dixon and a ninja turtle, you’re playing with my dreams.

  • youdummy

    Coons? When raccoons try to get on our back porch, Mama just chase’em off with a broom.

  • bodhi1990

    wait for it…wait for it…and….nightmares

  • Equalizer

    Worth? So that’s why there is no chive logo…

  • IceBerg

    most worthless post to date

  • Nicnac

    I’m pretty sure some of these are shopped….


  • Bob

    I think some of those might be shopped.

  • HellHathNoFurry

    If my raccoons ever show up looking like that, I’ll stop taking happy pills.

    • P-90

      Uness he calls himsef ‘Rocket’ of course.

      • P-90

        ‘Unless’ and ‘himself’. I think I just had a mild stroke and not in the good way.

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