Catherine Zeta Jones Allure photo shoot doesn’t suck (10 photos)

  • Equalizer

    She's already old but I still hit her.

    • ChrisDG74

      Old? Let’s see how you look at 40.

      • Rosilaine

        Toni Mandurah 333 / Dave Loudon You have stolen phtoos of my friend & yes I have friends in Kalgoorlie that are now looking out for you Oh you may wish you never landed your arse in Australia & in particular Western Australia but then you can’t go back to NZ either cos they are waiting for you there as well You can keep running but you cannot hide mate because we are going to catch up sooner rather than later .My Kal mates have been advised, you only steal photo’s from our mate once & thats enough!!!!!!!!!BE WARNED!!!!!!!!

  • dooby

    She is the Queen of the Nation of Chronic Same Face

  • Anonymous

    I’d be right behind her on #9 & #10 bangin the hell out that ass!!!

  • garp

    …very very sexy, that is all troops, dismissed

  • top dog

    Now thats hot for all of you that think you know. #9, HUNGRY!!!!!

  • HellHathNoFurry

    She is so pretty, especially without cakeface. Now that’s lucky!

  • your mom

    She is one of the most naturally beautiful women on the planet. I have never seen a bad picture of her. She’s still got it.

  • Mattythegooch

    she smells of Michael Douglas’s balls.

  • poppajo8

    The woman is gorgeous, always has been, always will be.

  • effedbylove

    r u kidding me in #9…that figure is to much to handle…even though #9 and #10 are highly photoshopped but still me likes that butt…

  • Agnes

    Oh good point sir I see what you mean. What is your opinion on Zoner? I like the irentface. How does it compare to Picasa? Is there a comparison between the two on the internet?

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