• Equalizer

    The only fans I’m a member of in my facebook is sesame street

  • Rusty

    Much as I love The Chive, I will NOT sign up for a fucking Facebook account just to look at your galleries.

    Sorry, not gonna happen.

    • Jack Frost


  • Doh

    Enough of the facebook galleries

  • masterkiillah

    Yeah men… facebook sucks, facebook galleries suck more, and that you put
    good ol’ chive content on f*** sh*** fb’s galleries sucks even more!!
    I guess you do it for some reason, ie. for earning traffic on the facebook page, but please stopi doing it, or you will end losing visits here…

    more fb galleries = less visits here = less happy chivers = less pics sent to the page = chive getting boring = deleting chive from bookmarks = end of laughs = rebellions and riots = 3rd world war = end of the world!!!
    and we dont want that, do we??

  • Robinis


  • doo dah doo doo

    yeah, you’ve been trying to do this for some time and it’s just not gonna happen. i come to the chive because it consolidates funny shit in one place. I’m not gonna go to facebook to see shit I want to see on chive, even though I’m on facebook a lot and have no inherent problem with it like other posters seem to have.

    The natives are getting restless. Knock it off or I’ll stop visiting.

  • Arthur

    please cry more you bitches it gets me off….

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