Photoshop isn’t not fun (14 Photos)

  • Bob

    Not at all suprised to see twilight guy’s mouth looking like a vagina….

    • HellHathNoFury

      He can put his….
      there’s no way that will sound right.

      • Bob

        yea best to leave it at that…

  • Spiderpig615

    HAHA!! Thats awesome!!!!!! 9-10 are the funniest!!! hahaha. maybe they should stop drinking that redbull.!!!

  • Trogdor

    I LOVE THIS POST – Identical-face photoshops are the posts to beat !!

  • Robbo

    #11 is cracking me up


      Yes, #11 I laughed out loud at. The pattinson one was pretty funny too.

  • top dog

    Q:isn’t not fun?
    A:not it isn’t.
    Q:isn’t it not?
    A:it isn’t not.
    STOP THAT!!!!!!

  • Pat

    That is some funny shit!

  • Sassy

    Did no one else nearly wet themselves at the Peter Griffin look-a-like?

  • jane

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  • P-90

    #11 really works well.

  • showtownman

    Sorry, but #10 is just too too fooked oop.

  • misainzig

    I love 10 with an unhealthy passion.

  • Rain

    gheghe….!!!! i’m snorting, it hurts!

  • 1337drewby


  • harrypalms1

    #10 and #11 look like Down Syndrome

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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