Kids before technology melted their brains (14 photos)

  • Bob

    Why is that dude on the far right wearing a skirt in no. 1?

  • Shalim

    Why not ?

  • Chris

    That last photo is great 😀

  • McBeastie

    What the hell is going on in #11? Is that Frankenstein’s monster’s kid playing with the baby?

    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha that’s not a baby! Look again. Weird picture.

  • Equalizer

    Back when they haven’t invented Facebook, Kids are more sociable and out going.

    • Mattythegooch

      Now they sit around playing video games all day….getting fat and unfuckable!


        You specifically mentioned kids becoming “unfuckable”. So does this mean the kids in these photos are fuckable? omgpedo

        • Mattythegooch

          Blonde hair, short pants, book learned…..hellz yeah!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  • nouu

    looks like a boring life..i woulda ran around raping bitches and killing niggers.

    • Poshikins

      Yeah, you’re cool.
      Or, you could go play

  • reallydifferent

    Most if not all of those pictures were European.

  • bram

    A lot of pics look dutch to me!!!
    And I should know

  • aleXTC

    Damn, that kid in the far right of pic 12 looks like he is on steroids

  • Kelsey

    #11 scared me

  • bananco

    all those people is dead now how awesome is that!!!

  • nomad78

    very nice chive

  • HellHathOhWhatever

    I wonder if 12 likes to push the pram a lot.

    • Da Cuntstabber

      What a senseless waste of a human life

  • cosmin

    hi i am a dumb and boring as shit grandpa, channeling john k and every geezer that thought the pre-civil rights times where the best times ever

  • Anonymous

    The child in pic 10 is the spawn of satan

  • doo dah doo doo

    yeah, these are all dutch. i remember seeing this set elsewhere

  • ptotheb

    #11 is role reversal.

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