Miss MySpace USA. It’s exactly what you think it is (25 Photos)

Miss MySpace USA, while not the most prestigious beauty contest in the world, is a big competition if you can believe it. They have a well-oiled site, I must admit, and no shortage of chicks from middle earth (and Florida) competing for your vote. The winner gets a timeshare in South Beach and a lifetime supply of Daisy Dukes.

  • Buffet

    Hulk like #22!

  • Shadowtag

    #9. I don’t even want to get her into bed, I just want to be her friend.

  • Captain Pasty

    What’s up with #3’s manky left leg?
    Also, is that #18’s underformed siamese twin growing out from under her lip?

  • recognize

    #4 is #13 & #15 They are the same girl.

  • Pat

    # 6 FTW!

  • xianlukeqi

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  • RiiPLeY

    #6 looks like snooki

    • kaveman4130

      only not fat and gross

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  • rfsdg

    kogogo.com a leading worldwide wholesaler company (or u can say organization).

  • pookie


  • pancakes

    ewwwwww @ all of them….except 19

  • slimypayload

    #4 no doubt. the rest don’t even come close.

  • Anonymous

    22 – by default that the rest are rough-o-saurauses

  • Mike

    They all look like trash and are not even in the same league as Chivettes.

  • yelito


  • adam

    #22 is so win!

  • Boney

    Bring out the real contestants

  • bill

    wow # 7 is bangin hit.yum,yum.

  • bill

    wow # 4 is so hot.gives me major wood.

  • bw11

    My vote goes to #2

  • skyler

    #4 and #13 WOOT!

  • Mark S Man

    #21 Yow.

  • bagels_batman

    Myspace is the internet's B squad!

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