Party chicks get shopped (15 Photos)

  • Equalizer

    #6 is too graphic….

    • kasdljggksk


  • warren

    haha, who comes up with this shit?

  • porn n chickn

    lion king ftw

  • Chris

    I had to stare at the ceiling cat one to spot what was different 😀 Very nice.

  • Juan

    Yeah, #5 was pretty much what I thought too

    • ShepBook

      Remember, if you take sexual advantage of them, you’ll be going to the Special Hell. The one reserved for pedophiles and those who talk at the theater.

  • Big bob

    #8 zombie girls gets my vote. #14 Kiss gets the runner up award.

    I do completely agree with Juan though, that’s the first thing I thought of as well.

  • ChrisDG74

    #15 – How the fuck did Gary Busey’s crazy ass get into this party?

  • nouu

    fuckin stupid..

  • Candy

    Gary! ❤

  • tom

    omg 😀 zombies are the best

  • top dog

    That was stupid as hell.

    • HellHathOhWhatever

      …yet here you are, commenting on it.

  • HimAgain

    Bacon Narwalls rock!!

  • CunningLinguist

    fucking epic. hahaha gary busy lol

  • slutifer

    lulz @ 13 and 15

  • bubble_rider86

    simba and zombies….oh dear…..gotta love photoshop

  • Anonymous

    #15 – Gary Busey………….. Brilliant!!

  • DrRockso

    Some of these are actually funny for a change

  • Yo Dawg

    Funny… #10. I lol’d when I seen it.

  • Mr.Doom

    Lol Gary Busey

  • Captain Pasty

    2 and 12 FTW

    • RubberDogTurds

      ^ agreed

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  • rachface


  • Stiff Zombie

    I love the zombies but #3 is the best.

  • Me

    the last one is just fucked up

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