• HellHathNoFury


    • sabrina99

      “No more rhymes now, I mean it…
      Anybody want a peanut?”

    • V4Vendetta14

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means;)

    • Brian

      To the pain!

  • Joey

    Ha yes! I saw this a while back and it pretty much blew my mind. Mustve stood there flippin the thing ten times. It really is incredible

    • Yucko

      I dont get it. Whats the deal with this picture?

  • tommy jam

    as you wish

  • two berns

    i’m going to get a new giant

  • youngAnnikensucked

    this made my day

  • op

    flawless victory

  • linsterine

    off to blockbuster

    who am i kidding?



    have fun…

  • JimiTonic

    Holy s#$t my mind just blew.

  • aeon fux

    Shopped OMG its shopped

  • Johnny5k

    I bought this DVD just because of how awesome this cover is! (and I already had an older copy with the original cover)

  • Yucko

    Whats the deal for all the excitement here?

  • mike

    Gay mofo’s…what is the big fu*cking deal about a movie cover? real men can’t seem to see what the gay guys are seeing…

    • anystranger

      Obviously I`m gay then, since I can actually read.
      My gf will be shocked o.o

  • Thogwummpy

    There was a band back in the 70’s called “Angel” that did the same sort of thing with their logo.

  • Jeff

    illuminati style?

  • zoe

    very nice

  • Scott G.

    this looked cool at first, but it’s pretty obvious that only the background photo is flipped. Look at the “cess” in princess. the bottom serifs are a dead giveaway.

  • Scott G.

    oops, I stand corrected. the c and e become the s’s (not to be confused with the rous’s).
    Very cool effect.

  • Kelsey

    That just blew mind mind! Who ever made that is a GENIOUS. or just really cool 😛

  • Jan

    Here is what the big deal is: take your display and turn it upside down. The text spells out princessbride no matter how you look at the dvd box cover. Magicke arcane!!

  • Badnewsdude

    Prepare to die!

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  • Marty

    Thats it? Who the f##k cares? Y’all need to get a life.

  • Jo


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