Venezualen cougar Chiquinquira Delgado (15 photos)

María Chiquinquirá Delgado Díaz (born 7 August 1972 in Maracaibo), is a Venezuelan actress and also Mega Match's show host since 2002. She participated at the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant and has appeared in several soap operas. [source]

  • greenerblues


    • krisb

      …… llllllll necklace

  • Equalizer

    I don’t care if she’s a Cougar, I’ll still bang her….

  • Sma11time

    #8. Wow. Moaaar please.

  • big bob

    She’ll be 40 next year? WOW! I can think of a lot of 20-somethings that only wished they looked this good. Lindsey Lohan, I’m talking to you!

  • ron

    She’s not even 38 yet? Not a cougar.

    Damn fine, but not a cougar. Big Bob…. she won’t be 40 for 2+ years (Aug of 2012), but nice try.

    • Big bob

      yep, right after I pressed the submit button I caught that. I’ll blame it on my being up all night and my cutting out caffeine out of my diet. ok, I admit it, I F’ed up.

      • HellHathNoFury

        To err is human, to make The Chive is divine.

    • Ana

      She is 38 years and this year 2011 will be 39 and in 2012 will be 40. do the math

  • Mustafa_Beer

    As an older Chiver… I would tap that quicker than a cold keg of Sam Addams

    • Roscoe

      Wow, I think I might prefer the keg of Sam Adams. Less hassle, probably a longer relationship…..

      • Mustafa_Beer

        Nah Roscoe… What I used to do all night, now takes me all night to do. But, although beer will always give head, and rarely get mad if you bring home another beer, When you tap the keg, you only get that one tapping……. Her I could tap again and again

  • OneClownShoe

    Zoinks, yo!

  • top dog

    So where did the cougar status come from? she’s only thirty seven, thats not old, not to me anyway. SHE’S SEXY AS FUCK THOUGH!!

  • ChrisDG74

    Methinks the real definition of a COUGAR is someone over 40 whose “prey” is at least 8 years younger. She would be a PUMA(a 30-something female on the prowl).

    It has to be true – found it in the urban dictionary 🙂

    • ChrisDG74

      That being said, I would still GLADLY tap it all day and all night.

  • aleXTC

    well to me she is a cougar im only 24. I would deff make that cougar purr though. gotta love those latinas

  • HellHathNoFury

    Methinks 13 is the best.
    But, a hot woman that’s been in soap operas+lots of money=raging drama queen.

  • recreational gynocologist

    Smoking hot

  • Erik

    Please correct the title, is Venezuelan not Venezualen! I’m from Venezuela, nice country, nice girl but a asshole president! :p

    • WilloW

      puto chavez, soy de maracaibo!!!!!

  • webuserbh


  • djplasta

    im from venezuela, and i must say that i,ve been in front of her and she has the most perfect rounded shape ass i ever see in my fucking life.
    chive have to post some of her ass pics…. ftw.

  • Helenothokifios

    thou shalt tappeth ye all night lonth

  • Larry

    No woman whose age begins with a “3” is a cougar unless you telling me she is banging 18 years olds.

  • Drizzt

    Aye Carramba!!! Sign me the fuck up!!

  • Richard

    I don't know about you guys, but she is a lady and does not deserve disrespect like some of these comments. I saw her yesteday on TV and she is so beautiful that I was stone for a while. Women this beautiful deserve to be loved and respected from everybody, and in a respectfully way make me wish she would be my beautiflul and lovely wife.

  • missingno

    What happened to her arm in 3?

  • Mike

    A beautiful woman like this deserves a HQ post, no butts about it

  • Anonymous

    U r so beautiful eres la mujer mas bella del mundo

  • alex

    Just wondering how would she look when shell be 50…….

  • http://myspace payaso

    Orale homes theres 13 reasons to be a sureno but i got 13 reasons to be wit her 2nite

  • Ricardo

    Tan bella mi Chiqui ❤ I´ve been dying for her since such a long time ago. Living in Venezuela gives you the australian blues (blues down under)
    Aaaand she was married for a LONG time to this guy "Daniel Sarcos" look it up, me doesnt know hows to add zi piczz in hirrr

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