A ginger wants to be the hottest college chick in the land (12 Photos)

Born a redhead in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Allison has had the deck stacked against her from day one. But Allison won't be denied. Now a senior at the University of Wisconsin, she's made it to the Northern region semifinals of College Humor's Hottest College Girl '10 contest.
But does she have a champion's pedigree? Is she that good or did she just get herself a really good photographer? Her life is in your hands, Chivers. If you like her, go cast your vote. If you don't, share your thoughts. Nobody is allowed to ask the do-the-curtains-match-the-carpet question either. That's just rude.

  • xianlukeqi

    kogogo.com a leading worldwide wholesaler company (or u can say organization).

    • Verbal Kint

      I’ve used kogogo before and I would never recommend it to anybody.

  • Russia

    is it me or is her head too big for her body

    • Nuklar

      I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers!

    • forge

      Bad angle and cheap camera.

  • Mattythegooch

    I wish I had another set of hands, so I could give her AND this rating system 4 THUMBS DOWN.

  • fourtwenty

    matty the mutha fuckin gooch cracks me up. there are hotter women on the “there are sexy chivers among us” posts. that being said, i would still give it to her even though she doesnt have a soul. bill murray—————->

  • rachface

    ehh, she’s cute but not the best. Number #7 kinda freaked me out.

  • rachface

    and she looks like a different person in almost every picture.

  • terry

    i do believe you can see a little nipple in number 4

  • acethegreat

    Impossible, ginger’s are evolutionarily inferior to the rest, skin cancer, global warming….. 9-11, they all stand opposing this ginger up rising that is at our culture’s bays. But this isn’t new orleans, these levies don’t break, cancer is cancer and ginger is the same as fail, always will. Look at the evolution of the Ginger in Pop Culture, you move from a little orphan who used to get beat and gets adopted by a rich bald star trek geek and probably felt up till only drugs numb you. And now you guys are fucking Harry Potter’s british sidekick lover. I do admit Ron does get that other hot chick but it’s a movie, in life she would probably keeps that wand near her bed…. if you know what I mean. Chive this is for you, dont put this under hot women (April fools day is over), put it under fail, for failing the Von Luschan’s chromatic scale.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Dude. Not A WoW forum. Keep the nerdrant to a minimum, plzkthx.

    • Lord Botherington-Smythe

      You sir, are a tool and speak with all the authority of someone who hasn’t been laid in a long time. You couldn’t pull someone that hot without chloroform.

    • P-90

      Wow, somebody got out of the wrong side of his mothers bed this morning.

      • Snarkotron

        His Mom’s bed is super comfy, though.

    • daywalker

      i don’t quite agree with you about the whole gingers being inferior comment. most of the ginger population is a little sad to look at. but there are an incredibly small number of us who pull it off. i can even tan. and the girl in these photos is really fucking hot. hottest girl college girl in the land? No. but really hot none the less.

    • D


  • Nateb123

    I kinda like her. Not crazy hot but she has a “girl next door” hotness to her. Maybe it’s that she doesn’t look fake in any of her pictures? Something just says to me that you wouldn’t be heading for the hills once you were sober and in the same room as her which is a rare and precious thing.

  • markkens

    I agree with the crazyness…#12 has that reaching for you with the garden shears look about it. Nice junk in the trunk altho.

  • forge

    She’s a pretty girl, I could see her winning. She needs to show that caboose some more though, it looks seriously epic, especially in picture #8.

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  • James

    looks like a redhead more than a ginger imo

  • Ryan

    She get’s my vote no matter what the rest of you haters say.

  • dt520

    Plastic surgery loving queers GTFO, this chick is a dime without question.

  • Your Local Priest

    Remember – ginger minge = stinky

    • D

      Sushi all tastes the same brah

  • bodhi1990

    has my vote

  • Onlunch

    Now thats a Ginger I would never Kick

    South park rocks

  • Jim

    I’d come in her eyes…………

    • D

      Some one likes the angry pirate

  • Elchronico

    Hey hey hey! Chivers why so picky these days? woooooooow. Anyways for what it’s worth, Honey you won me over with pic 8. Lose the douche tho.

  • doo dah doo doo

    quite easy on the eyes, though she could definitely stand to eat a few double downs.

  • longboard552

    I like her the red head is something new! And shes got that “girl next door look. So Two thumbs up

  • John G

    BooBs not big enough

  • WLee

    I don’t believe she has it. If you look at her too long, she starts looking ugly.

  • Me

    She’s way too skinny and most of the pics look photoshoped…

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