Hot Right Now: Definitive survey breaks down Sex in the great outdoors (9 Photos)

Beautiful photos of beautiful faces (24 photos)

  • Leif Erikson

    #11 Leighton Meester gorgeous hot

  • ohmai

    oh-oh Dear Chive…please make a gallery of more boobs…just boobs. k thanks

  • me

    a mixed bag of photography like comparing apples to oranges…the au natural shots have a better feel to them. #24 looks like nicole eggert from baywatch #23 well made for horror movies.seen #13 portrait before shot by vlad shutov excellent russian photographer….i kinda like #6 reminds me of model yasmin le bon….weird????

  • sparkyinfla

    is there a list of names for all these pics?

  • Teehee

    23…just no.

  • Anonymous

    Number (“NINE”) is outta this world. The photo and subject of the phote are the epitomy of sexual appeal!

  • Beautiful face pictures

    […] Beautiful photos of beautiful faces (24 photos) – theCHIVE May 4, 2010 … beautiful-faces-24-photos%2F … […]

  • moar boar

    #2 #6

  • sunn

    #5 waaahouuuu

  • Colonel Mustard

    Is #24 Maria Bello?

  • crystal

    Lovely lovely

  • crystal

    I love every bit of it

  • crystal

    I love every bit of these photos

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