Beautiful photos of beautiful faces (24 photos)

  • Anonymous

    C¨MON # 10 BEATIFUL?

    • Matt

      looking back i agree. look at her eyes. she looks like shes been doing drugs or something

      • 1337drewby

        Yeah, gotta echo the sentiments of 10… nice bewbs, sure, but she looks either murdered or like she’s ODing… got a creepy face.

    • Krauter

      …not the best but better than #18 !!

  • Chris

    These are great, but #2 and #5 win 😀 #24 is also great.

  • Cynikill

    That is some great “head”….

  • Equalizer

    Me want #1 & #5….

  • Mustafa_Beer

    #2 ……FTW
    #5 and #12 tied, but not even close.

  • stafferty

    #20 Scares the shit out of me. It is like her eyes can and will eat your soul with fava beans and a nice chianti

  • Anonymous

    Thems some keepers right there… the less make up, the better, though!

  • Dude


  • ABCtrickForMisterBubbels

    #19 is cute but #2 is marriage-material

  • Anonymous

    Is it so hard to get some pictures where they are smiling? Am I the only one who likes girls who aren’t depressed!? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!!

  • major quimby

    i like tits and asses better…

  • Mattythegooch

    I didn’t realize I had subscribed to “ALLURE” magazine??

  • Matt

    AHHHH 23 is beautiful? What are you seeing that i’m not? she looks like an alien or actually more like a doll

  • aleXTC

    wow for the first time they are all beautiful

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’ll take 24. Freckles, no makeup and *gasp* is she…smiling? I didn’t know that was allowed for models!

  • poppajo8

    #1 has an amazingly gorgeous face! I’m guessing she’s Thai, which means there’s a good chance it’s a she-male…never mind.

  • Vern

    #24 OMG

  • xianlukeqia a leading worldwide wholesaler company (or u can say organization).

  • ubockinme

    Oh 24…… What can you say outside of “HOLY SMOKES”….. Ridiculously gorgeous.

  • the kingpin

    2, 10 and 23 do not belong in this gallery

  • Lavish

    Make up does wonders.

  • pickuptheotherline

    2 amazing eyes. 24 is lovely.

  • somethings

    23 is actually very creepy, not beautiful. 24 seems to be the most common vote, and I agree.

  • forge

    How many hours of Photoshop are we talking about total on this list? A thousand, two thousand? A lot for sure. Lovely women all of them however.

  • wonderWhy?

    No black women? Select 24 photos, and not one.

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