Chinese celebrities, or as I like to call them, liars (10 Photos)

  • bowhuntpa

    they all look that same

    • CunningLinguist

      there was a time when id have argued with you, and called you racist, but whats the point. everyones racist these days. anyone else is a bullshitter. this is what i like to call “cake-up”. so much make-up you cant even recognize the person. or maybe….the photos here dont match up, because they are in fact, not the same person.

      • fcaiiacf

        I think what OP meant is that the before and after pictures look the same

    • Jen Smith

      You are a fucking backwoods asshole. Get on a plane and go see the world.

  • garp

    …seriously, what is the point of #8?

    • joelinsanclemente

      Just to dick with you.

    • ndoiasd

      his eyebeows are thicker and instant tan douche lord

  • Nick4444

    No way….

  • Equalizer

    #9 – Announcer Guy: Whose the Douche Bag?

  • top dog

    Liars? They just don’t have make up on. Theres a lot of that going on here as well. Everybody have a “go out” look, you dress up a little to try to look good. I mean, you wouldn’t go out in your pj’s would you?


      Would I??? I wasn’t aware that there was an alternative! After all these years, oh how embarrassing!

  • Ace

    The title of this…hilarious.

  • inv8erzim

    # 10… frumpy before pic.. the guy looks the same in both. Make-up Magic!

  • Joe Clyde

    Wow. #2 that is a real change.

    Maybe I should be chasing after 5’s with a make-up bag.

  • ohmai

    the power of make up

  • wally

    Haha the before pic for #10 is hilarious!

  • Kaato

    I would still have sex with all them, before or after. Though #8 will probably need a bit more eyeshadow and tucking back.

  • donald

    celebrities? I think you will find they are on a singing competition show, a bit like pop idol without the public voting.

  • Zach

    Look at the noses of the before and after, there’s something going on here because not all of them match up. Nor do the lips either…

    • forge

      The camera for the “before” pics is a wide-angle lens and things at the center of the image are distorted. People’s noses and lips all look huge and their eyes and foreheads are smaller than they really are. Crap imagery, really crap.

  • Huntan Peck

    Some context would be good here. Otherwise,I don’t see why these people should be singled out as “liars” anymore than any other person who puts on makeup to appear in front of an audience.

  • bubble_rider86

    i would love to be able to go out in my pj’s….in fact i think i shall….*walks out door proudly wearing mismatched pj’s*….ah the freedom….

  • forge

    Wot, a little hair and makeup makes someone more telegenic and they’re a liar? Then most of the fricking planet are liars guys, come on already.

  • Octopus Braces

    I don’t think I like people making fun of chinese people. Cuz it’s mean. However, being a girl I know that putting dark eyeshadow on the hollows of your eyes does make them pop. And it’s a technique that many asian women use to give the illusion that they have a bigger crease in their eyelid. It really an attempt to look more “western”. Plus if you have a crease in your eyelid and you do that it makes them look really good. My two cents…

    • ♫♫

      it’s a special eyelid glue, too.

  • McBeastie

    The Chive are a bunch of assholes. Hey Chive…Fuck you, fuck your posts, and fuck your stupid racist fucking website.
    I’ll be very upset when I visit this site tomorrow and then the next day after that, and then the next day after that.
    But really….you are a bunch of fucktards and this post proves it.

    • Brandon

      How is this post/site racist? They’re showing that makeup adds a huge illusion to beauty. This post happens to be about Chinese “celebrities” but The Chive has also had posts about North American ones in the past. People need to stop being so sensitive. Even if you’re Asian, you can’t deny that most of the people above are seriously fugly before, and though they’re not all that much better after, there’s a huge difference once makeup is applied.

      • McBeastie

        Brandon,…. Brandon…….I guess you either didn’t read the second sentence or missed the joke. The only statement I stand by is the fucktard one. I still believe this site is run by fucktards….racist, no….fucktard, yes.

    • Hanny

      Hey they put up photos of westerners with and without make up …. I'm Chinese/Filipino – I found it v informative. It's so true …. asian girls these days really know how to use make up. As long as they never take it off, why would I care?

  • yaluha

    they are not celebrities.
    and that’s how the make up works,right?

  • nouu

    this is the case with prolly 90% of asian bitches, they have to have a gang of makeup to not look retarded.

    • Anonmouse

      Too bad you can’t put something on your comments to stop them from sounding retarded.

    • Kash

      Fucking jealous bitch, i'm sure you're ugly yourself and goes out with make up too. If your a man and dating girls with make up then you can kiss your hypocritical ass to hell.

  • Zooks

    What the Chive needs is to take a break with the Asian girls and make a thread with white girls and makeup.
    There have been plenty of white girls that you guys have said are HOT and yet they have total man faces.

  • Sammy Sue

    I think maybe this is a chinese look-a-like pic-pic thing.

  • Whatever

    Well duh whoever posted this, everyone looks better after a make over!!! How does that make them look like liars?! Omg, common sense thing and ppl just like to talk trash.

  • Da Sandman

    right… because american celebs are honest, right..? idots

  • Silky_Johnson

    Seriously…none of these people even the same face structure. Come on Chive, we're smarter than that.

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