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‘NO PARKING’ signs with a sense of humor (20 Photos)

  • DaddyD

    Not one of your best …

    • Anonymous

      DaddyD – Way to add your totally worthwhile 2 cents. You should spend more time ranking your own comments and less time giving your unasked for opinion. Don’t like something? Just move along.

  • Ali Dimayev

    I love the new york signs that say “Don’t even think about parking here”.

    Luuuuuuuuuuuuv it!

  • Equalizer

    Very Funny Post, 7 out of 10….

  • McBeastie

    Monkey poop ftw.

  • ch0nies

    hee hee, wife slapped.


    #4 it’s called GET A WEP. Then it doesn’t matter where they park, they won’t stay long because they can’t access your SH*T!

    #16 worst photoshop ever. I will go as far as to say it was done in paint due to the low resolution font and poor alignment.

    • Nateb123

      It sounds as though you have seen a lot of pixels in your day.

  • Matt

    i really like number 6

  • bubble_rider86

    haha….well obviously being the pro that you are…..YOU could tell by the pixels and because you’ve seen a few shops in your time…..=P

  • garp

    …lava, just makes up it’s own rules

  • xianlukeqisd a leading worldwide wholesaler company (or u can say organization).

  • shit

    #16 look pretty ‘shopped

  • Nate

    16 was definitely shopped

  • yourfather

    I love wireless one and mother in law one too they rock!!!!!

  • enitionenigma

    thechive takes too much time away from studying finals.. love it

  • stsdfgdg a leading worldwide wholesaler company (or u can say organization).

  • Robert

    Sign says "The last car to park here was used to make this sign"

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