This prison is nicer than my house (16 Photos)

This prison in Norway is a buncha' bullshit. Nestled in 30 acres of lush pine forest, the complex costs $252 Million to construct. The 'prison' has a cultural center with a recording studio, rooms for art, a library, a winter garden, a sports center with a large room for classes, separate houses for long visits with relatives; room for school and laboratory studies, medical center and manufacturing workshops. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to rob the Royal Bank of Norway.

  • tdk

    How is this gonna help rehabilitate, you live in there for 10 years and when you get out you have no money and have to live in some shitty shack. That doesnt drive you to crimes to make a lot of cash easy?

  • dt520

    Hobos commit crimes in The USA for “a hot and a cot”. What the hell do you think people will do to get into this thing?

    Yes, our system is messed up, that doesn’t mean we need to pack everything, get on the pendulum, and swing to the dead opposite side… which is what this is.

  • Eirik

    Nice to see that you’re all concerned about the prison accomodations in Norway, but you forget one thing. The prisoners sometimes have to work and study, and they even get paid about $ 9,5 for doing this. And forget about deathpenalty, prison in Norway are for speeding, drunk driving, financial defaults and possession of drugs.

    Murder and raping will get you to a therapist, because the criminal are the victims.

    In Norway, it is better to be a criminal than an old, the criminals get their own rooms, they have TV, computers, music, training facilities and great food.

    So you’re all welcome. Just remember to throw away your passport, color your hair black and grow a large beard.

  • bokfinken

    there’s a flat screen TV in each cell. You can see the edge of it in the first picture.

  • JadEd

    Well living in The Netherlands I have noticed how soft they are on crime. Even if you rape or murder or molest children. I feel it is BS

  • rosa

    Fun facts from Norway: Over 80% of the inmates in norwegian prisons are people from Turkey, Afganistan, Somalia and similar countries.

    It would be cheaper to pay for their prison stay in the own country….probably would be more effective too.

  • Joey

    Well we want the guy who raped and murdered your family to be comfortable dont we?

    Commissioner: ‘Our new prison system seems to be having a reverse effect, in fact more people are committing crimes in order to live in our lavish facilities..’

  • Brandon

    Probably a minimum security facility with minimal recidivism rates, so…

  • Stiff Zombie

    This really is ridiculous. Prison should be an unpleasant place that people wont want to return to, not a getaway like this facility. When compared to our crimes in the US, people fail to mention how broken and pathetic our justice system is. These people are the trash of our society, and should be treated as so. Sadly, in the US we’re spending more on prison while halting death penalties, and overcrowding facilities. I could only understand a prison like this for prisoners who didn’t hurt anyone, but even then their living conditions should not be better then actual hard working citizens.

  • top dog

    A Country as small as Norway can probably afford to do this, their prisons are a lot less crowded than ours because their crime waves are a lot smaller than ours. Something like this would work there, will it work here? the world may never know. Prisons are meant to rehabilitate, not humiliate. Humiliation tend to piss criminals off and most of them will want revenge….and they will take that vengeancs out on anybody. Don’t take my word for it, ask one(ex-con).

    • Stiff Zombie

      True Top Dog. This may work in other places, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work with us unless we make some major changes in our laws. I agree that we should attempt to rehabilitate, but inmates should have a sense of self shame. The embarrassment should from having to wear chains in public, having no freedoms, living in cells, and wearing that bright orange jumpsuit. Making prisons more like rec centers is not the way to go IMO. Murderers, child molesters, rapists, and drug lords should be in the worst prisons without any chances of “rehab”. In all honesty these people should be swiftly dealt with immediately after being charged, but that would never happen because these things are human beings, although not IMO.

  • voovoo

    Just because USA prisons are pathetic and you have the highest percentage of prison inmates per capita worldwide doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to listen to you.
    Rehabilitation is good. Treat people like humans and they have a chance to redeem, not like the USA prisons do like dogs.

  • marios333

    This is why im proud to be norwegian

  • Andrew

    Here’s a youTube video of more of this posh prison in Norway:

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