• Chris

    Awesome 😀 But I bet that most of the people who climb up there choose the slide just to not have to climb the stairs down…

  • bigdick

    FIRSTTTTTT and dont ever repost again guys. thats reallly lame boooo!

  • bigdick

    failll for me. opps

  • giusepe

    I went to this park and went down that slide 20 times in a day. Scary as shit the first few times.

  • Equalizer

    You already posted this before.

  • Robbo

    you mean 14 story enema, went down a local one and didn’t shit right for a week

    • Mark

      was the not shitting right from the enema, or did you send a night with HHNF?

      • Mark


        • Robbo

          Haha, burn on me, no on the HHNF, if it’s anything like the prostate exam I had by my dr. I say no thanks, felt like I was being ripped in 2.

          • HellHathNoLube

            Robbo, how did Mark know about this? You swore it was our special night. That’s it. Next time, no lube.

            • Robbo

              NOOOO! Please, I’m sorry! It must have slipped in a moment of weakness. You know alcohol turns me into a chatty cathy

            • HellHathNoFury

              Oh, wow. We could take this places it really shouldn’t go, haha!

            • 1337drewby

              y’mean OTHER THAN up a dude’s ass?

          • Mark

            This is the hardest i have laughed in a long time.

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  • Phideauxe

    WTF w/ the popup ads? The sound is really loud and got me in trouble w/ my freaking boss. And to top it off there’s that douchebag Ashton Kooch-er.

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