Charts that amuse me so (20 Photos)

These charts brought to you by the good people over at graphjam.

  • HellHathNoFury

    But…I’m not a Level 80 Paladin
    And I’m seeing nothing I like about myself in the Girl Paradox
    Santa Claus is my best friend? I need to hit that sucker up.

    • Mustafa_Beer

      If the Paradox had ” Smart-ass Girl” would it be closer? ( sent with respect and love)

    • Bob

      I’ve always wanted to see a pie chart about % sales of each flavor of pie, plus it would have to be an actual pie…..

      • Bob

        I guess that would be pie^3

        • Robbo


    • MichaelGS

      I see HHNF in the girl paradox (and no, its not the ugly bit)

      Love these pie charts

  • HardCore Mike

    and 17 is WHAT? Pedophiles?

    • HellHathNoFury

      People with Problems+People with Candy=Leo, John and Bob, I guess.
      It’s like the more candy we come across, the more problems we see….

      • kjellupa

        Sing it Biggie!

    • WhatchaThink

      I was wondering the same thing? Now I feel like I’m waiting for the shoe to drop.

  • Cynikill

    Add to #20 – download L4D2 and start practicing…

  • Roscoe

    I would have thought Telephone would be an option for waking Gaga….

  • tommybhoy

    #20 FTW!!!
    Just how i would react and also try to remember what Resident Evil/ 28 days later/ i am legend taught me

  • ChrisDG74

    #5 – Living in Ohio, I do run into a lot of those Bible-thumping types. When they knock on my door, I tell them we are practicing Satanists and that they have interrupted a goat sacrifice. That always gets them off of my property in about 5 seconds.

  • Mattythegooch

    I could use a slice of 3.14

  • Gutterville

    LOVED the Che one

    • DaddyD

      Both of my teenage sons have Che t-shirts …

  • Nicnac

    #10 is wrong. You make your margins really BIG not small. And, you cheat on the double spacing. You try triple spacing and then settle for 2.5 spacing. Plus, you make the point size 1pt bigger.

    • kjellupa

      And porn should be included in there somewhere too.

      • weeboo

        that’s how you know a girl made it…

  • Equalizer

    #14 – It took me a while to figure it…. but it’s worth it, very funny….

  • bowhuntpa

    Me too #14 me tooooooooo

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    • Marge

      Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after several days stugrgnlig

  • JP

    I don’t mind the chive logo in every f…. pic, even when is clearly stolen from another website. But don’t f… cover the joke … e.g. #17

    • Thank you!

      No shit, every other image is stolen from other websites, so why put YOUR logo on there?

  • Spiderpig615

    Number ten should be INTERNET IN GENERAL INSTEAD OF FACEBOOK….or youtube should be the biggest.

  • WeirdGary

    Number 8 – If “The customer is always” anything, why is there a pie chart?

  • peteyroberto

    Candy makes you Dandy….

  • 123roasthim

    Love the Che one. Can’t tell you how many dumbass hipsters go to my school wearing Che t-shirts. ‘Tards

  • Nateb123

    #5 is how Canadians on the West Coast see the US. Only difference is we know Seattle’s below us. Otherwise, pretty dead on.

  • Matt

    Love 20, hate 15. Yes we all want to leave New Jersey, but we also love going down the shore. New Jersey has the best beaches in the entire world! I’m not kidding we are known internationally.

  • Irwin 109

    #9 missed out Aerosmith XD most of the rest are too true!

  • Nizati

    #17…. erm… @.@;; hey, you should check if the chive logo is gonna interfere with the joke or whatever before posting. If it completely blocks the punchline.. <_< can't you guys put it in another corner?

  • lol.

    #17 says Pedophiles. buh dum psh.

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