Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    dare i use the f word! hehehehe FIRST!!

  • xlogicx

    #4 = 🙂
    #21 = pwned
    #29 = lol

  • FartFace

    mmmm… lady gaga was pretty freaking cute.

    • webuserbh

      tottally agree pre-gaga “gaga” looks cute

      • MichaelGS

        too bad she went batshit insane or is pretending to be, she was pretty cute

  • op

    vote me up if you think chick with machine gun is just a little bit hot.

    • Mark

      I think any chick with a gun is hot (you never know what will happen if you let them know otherwise)

  • Yada

    first… ?

  • Anonymous

    fucking idiots who feel the need to say first

  • yog

    Nice to see my league isn’t the only one who has a Prom rugby game. Damn those dress get torn to shreds by the end of the game but they make tackling easier… for a while.

  • 123roasthim

    I should definitely have #2 installed for tonight

  • HellHathNoFury

    Didn’t know Stephen Hawking was a metal fan.
    22- why is Paul McCartney in bed with that man?
    10 is why I love The Oatmeal.
    26- Urkel and Jazzy Jeff had a baby?

  • kp

    love the lawn mowing job!……..Alien crop circles woulda been better though!

  • That One Guy

    Its adventure time you floppy fish…..

    • HellHathNoFury

      With Finn the Human and Jake the Dog!

      • That One Guy's Brother


  • That One Guy's Brother

    You Dunts!

    • ComeOnSon!

      It is DUNCE you DUNCE

  • toilet paper

    I only read 22 for the articles……..

  • That One Guy's Mom

    It would be btr if their was a picture of big foot
    Or Cookies(i luv cookies) but even btr, a Fat Ninja who shows his belly button a little because the shirt is kinda small and he has his hands up in the air and his knee also, it would be uber cool trust mehh i would kno….

    Ass Gravey…………………

  • Nick4444

    That’s not the only thing Lautner stole.

    • Brandon

      Did he steal your virginity too?

  • Spiderpig615

    WOW!! the war pink slippers. Used to distract the enemy from killing you.
    by the way is that Kid Kudi.?…what his shoes can’t be worn in a bathroom while taking a picture?

  • justsaying

    #8 That is a lot of head for such a small face.

    • TDub66

      Ralphie May's nephew

  • DERP

    #1 TIMMAY!

  • Irwin 109

    Seen as how #15 brings up the new Robin Hood film, is it just me or does it just look like it’ll be Gladiator II?

  • Hotdog Neck

    #27 is pure genius!

  • Equalizer

    #22 – Women in Germany are UGGGGLLLLLLYYYYYYYY……..

  • Brandon

    1, 4, 17 = classic internet

  • Great Odin's Raven !!!

    # 8’s head looks like a giant thumb………also, Keanu Reeves is not of mortal flesh.

  • pickuptheotherline

    Oh yeah I need to go get some bookshelves 😀 rofl

  • kevinmaxxx

    I fucking hate that fat ass kid in the yellow coat

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