Hot women in army fatigues…nuf said (25 Photos)

  • MichaelGS

    bodypaint FTW

  • enitionenigma

    so… are these girls standard issue? like when i sign up do i get my own personal one? these questions need to be addressed.

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  • ken

    I thought these were going to be real service gals, not some semi-pro bikini-babes taking a break from their normal Chopper shoots for guys with a camo-fetish to get off on. These impostors are an affront to real service women.

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  • yooo!

    Whos #6??

  • Ryan

    My girlfriend is actually in the Army and hotter than all these broads: 35C / 26 / 40. I have a few half-nudes of her in uniform but alas, they’re all for me, haha! Maybe I’ll share them if they want to show REAL girls in uniform.

  • AJJ

    "Hookers??" RofL! I'll take ANY one of them before I would you! Jealous grapes…..

  • dommy

    No. 9 is actually a real serving soldier who has been to Iraq and Afghanistan – Cpl. Katrina Hodge

  • Mike

    #3 gets my vote!

  • Anonymous

    They are very very beautiful and their weapons are with no doubt toooooo much strong that can’t be defeated by any male!!!!!!!!LOls

  • NavyGuy11

    yes where is this camp booty located?

  • Kyle

    Is there somewhere where there are actual REAL girls in REAL fatigues?!?!?! I'd take a hot military girl in her government issued fatigues showing half of what these girls show over them ANYDAY!

  • Rendog

    #10, please allow me

  • Always Last


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