Motorcycle Concept Ferrari, cause we like bikes too (9 Photos)

  • Chris

    Looks… sleek. A bit too much, I think.

    • Greg

      I agree Chris, if they’re going to shoehorn such a big engine into a bike like that, they should at least show it off a little bit more. If I bought that, the first thing I would do is remove some of the unnecessary bodywork. Also, I feel like it would look way cooler with a flat black paint job.

  • Anonymous


    • Chris

      No, that was me :p

  • Deal Masen

    Don’t think it’s comfy.

    • Chris

      It’s one of those “you don’t SIT on the bike, you LIE on it” sort of bikes. Good for speed, not so much for the “Lookitmah baik, aren’t I cool riding it?” factor.

  • Yeahsure

    I dont like it,it looks like a blob with very little definition

    • D'oh

      Heh, funny, that’s exactly what I dó like about it. It’s solid, sleek, curved, actually very defined but also very inconspicuous that makes it looks almost invisible.
      I’d totally hit the black one, if they just make the tank cap black as well. Breaks the flow.

      • Yeahsure

        That fucking Jerry Seinfeld cant make up his mind at all….trombloid

  • Ranger Danger

    No doubt it’s a wicked fast bike, but it just looks so damned uncomfortable.

  • Tyler

    student project fail

  • minus


    • embryonic

      Okay, I was thinking the same exact thing! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking about Akira when I first saw this bike!

    • Dezz

      Totally my thoughts!! TE-SU-O!!

  • Anonymous

    it looks like a turd with wheels.

  • misschris

    It looks SO damn smooth that you would slide right off!

    • garp

      …yup, I agree with misschris here, this thing looks like it’s gonna go from zero to kabillion in 3 seconds and there is not much there holding your butt in the saddle…some things are meant to be smooth and slippery, your bike isn’t one of them

    • khammond

      thats what the back footrests are for, to keep you on

  • Equalizer

    I want one for Christmas!

  • Bleeh

    misschris is right. It looks like so smooth that you’ll slide off if you go above 20mph

  • Dan

    looks like something the power rangers would use

  • Juan

    Now they just need to make a Ferrari that you can drive your bike into for storage. Kinda like in Spy Hunter

  • babathehutt

    What the hell is that?

  • drainbrain

    it looks like back aches

  • yeeeeerrp


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  • Anonymous

    looks nice, is it ridable?

  • 1337drewby

    Whoa! It’s like a penis!!! Only… you buy it!

  • Clint

    I like the yellow one without the body work. :-\

  • Matt

    AHHH!!! no way that looks really bad.

  • Matt

    it looks better without the fairings.

  • Anonymous

    concept fail !!!

  • robin yates

    concept total fail ( what a waste of money )

  • huda ikraam

    Wow that is so beautiful and amazing concept and looks awesome.

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