• HellHathNoFury

    I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more brainbleach!

    • motorboatnsob1

      I think I will like whatever it is you have to say…nice pic.

      • HellHathNoFury

        thanks, but that’s not fair play, bro.
        Like laughing at a hot, dumb girl’s jokes.

  • Bob

    So…I wished for two horny bithces, with two great sets of titties, and a liftime supply of beer. Damn you monkey’s fist!

  • TheGrimSweeper

    I hate it when my Schwartz gets twisted!

  • JasonS

    What am I takng away from this exactly? You DO go blind but after a certain point you start making draft beer?

  • NoUse4aName

    Is that where Jesus Juice comes from?

  • sfmountainbiker

    “Despite being endowed by the Gods with what should have made him the most popular guy on the planet, Eric spent yet another night drinking alone with only his unicorn poster to keep him company.”

  • top dog

    “DAMN!! I could have been working at McDonalds, instead I chose to sell milk through fake cow tits.”

  • Tiger's Wood

    ……Meanwhile, in Jack Black’s basement…..

  • Hero's Comeback

    “My Beer is Utterly Ridiculous”

  • Spiderpig615

    ALERT THE FIRST MAN with one big testicle and four penis(es).

  • Merica

    I looove hamburgers!!

  • J

    Expressing his opinion on the unicorn piece, John presented thae artist with a glass of utter bribble……..

    • J


  • winston002

    he’s really more of a “glass half full” kinda guy

  • rsances

    Whats Artie Lange up to these days ? See for yourself!

  • Sammy Sue

    Muahaha the surgery was successful, now…. round two.

  • Kinginhiscastle

    Ahh… ahhhh……AAHHHHH……. UUUNNNNNgggghhhhhh!

  • Comedian Dangerruss

    WIFE: You know who we should hook up with Tina, is Bob!
    HUSBAND: Who, bob the lactating cow cross dresser unicorn fetish pink headband wearing virgin Bob? WIFE: No ew! Your other friend Bob!
    HUSBAND: Oh oh ok, i was gonna say!

  • Sota Voce

    Hey Charlie !?! I DO NOT think this is Candy Mountain!

  • Sam

    Prescription for cowbell revoked.

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • chad

    Harry, Ron, and Hermione finally learn where butterbeer comes from.

  • WoodytheHoneyBadger

    so i was out walking around and i ran out of beer the udder day, and cops kept asking whats in the brown paper bag, dont have that problem no morre

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