• time cop

    this guy, this is the guy

  • doug

    (crosses fingers)

    Bill Murray ———>

  • Radar

    Ghostbusters is the best film ever made.

    Bill Murray

    • Nick4444

      He was also in Space Jam. Bet you don’t remember that.

  • Equalizer

    Bill Murray is my hero

    • Equalizer

      No his NOT!
      But I like the part when he was shot in Zombieland.

  • outstanding

    some men are born greater than others

  • Jake

    “5 people left alive in the world and one of ’em is Bill fuckin’ Murray.” Zombieland FTW

  • 123roasthim

    I hope he showed those prehistoric bitches how he does things downtown

  • Alan

    Ha! Funny that no ones av is Bill Murry yet

  • Maddog

    Ahh the wonders of modern medicine! One Viagra and Bill Murray is back in his Ghostbusters days, crossing streams with Egon. I wonder if he plays key master bros and gate keeper hoes?

  • dtf

    was this in the SF examiner this morning?

  • stand3RD

    bill fucking murray

  • HellHathNoFury

    Steve Zissou!—–>

  • Aaron

    Raleigh st. Claire

  • Mentok the Mind Taker

    “Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear, and when I do, it’s usually something unusual.”

    -John Winger

  • Mentok the Mind Taker

    Jerry Seinfeld? Couldn’t you give me an avatar of an actual comedian?

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  • makeitwork

    Don´t miss it!

  • Bill Murray Does It Again «

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  • bodhi1990

    Bill Murray always comes to St. Andrews to play golf (where I go to school) one night a guy asked him to come to a house party, he went, and the next day everybody woke up to see Bill washing the dishes, he’s one awesome guy

  • asha086

    I would definitely fuck him if i had the chance!

  • PDY

    Im more proud than jealous

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