Daily Afternoon Randomness (31 Photos)

  • James

    Emma Watson is 20!?!!?!

    • Nateb123

      Yeah and a BMI of .1

      • Anonymous

        fatty needs to lose wait!

        • Nateb123

          Yeah dude, I’m soooo over-wait. Btw, Emma Watson will never be hot because bitchiness is the ultimate turn off.

        • nomad78

          fatty needs to stop dressing like the slut she dreams.

      • forge

        Twenty or not, she’s still a young girl and she looks okay at that size. Later on she’ll get some more curves and more guys will be O.O

  • LOL

    LMAO@21…SELF motorboating! LOL That’s just a huge win.

    #13 just say NO to crack

    #26 bigger win than 21 even…;)

  • confused

    okay is #1 photoshopped and if its not what is it??

    • Rusty

      Yes, it’s photoshopped … but each element was real. The big huge bastard is a Kalmin K-7. Its first flight was in August 1933, and it crashed in November of the same year due to a structural failure in one of the tail booms. Two more were ordered, but the project was cancelled before they were delivered. The fighters are … from that angle I can’t really tell for sure, but I’m pretty positive that they’re either MiG-23/27 Floggers or Su-24 Fencers.

      • Rusty

        Okay, so I took another look at that thing, and it’s not quite what I thought it was. It -is- a Kalinin K-7 … but it’s CGI. Big giveaway, it’s got too many engines.

        I knew something didn’t look quite right.

      • Vladimir Ovchinnikov

        That is not photo shopped. I was there in Red Square as it flew over. And that is NOT a Kalinin A-7. I have no idea what it is, except that it was in the Red Air Force during the Great Patriotic War.

        • patton303

          Apparently Russians are not only amazing aircraft designers, but great liars too.

  • terry

    13 WTF! 21 awesome and 30 mmmmm

  • ken

    The photo of the girl with the Holstein gets me. It’s genuine.

    #30 also gets me, albeit in a different place.

  • Fabio


    • Flicka


  • HimAgain

    Who is 30?

  • greenerblues

    Stupid small-tongued girl trying to hang with the long-tongues, what is she thinking?

  • jesus

    im jesus christ superstar im riding on my yamaha i just seen a frog and did a bog wile riding like gaga

    • mahill

      ohh yeah go and get ur bum wet oh yeah go and make it relly sweat ,go play with it go play with it yoo go rub it go rub go and make ur crack sweet go go go get sweaty with it get sweaty with, brake ur back just 2 get it wettttttt

  • http://schango.wordpress.com schango

    Emma who? no thank you.

  • bobo

    oh emma watson nos how 2 get her ass wet she love it in the bum by harrypotter and tat red hed kid they stick there wands up there till she get relly wet then they have dumbeldoor stick his weiner[10ft long2ft wide might i add]up there then her bum realy get wet

  • Dingo

    #21 “why are these so magical?!”

  • alfronso the hitman

    u want 2 go lets go downtown two oclock tommoro i take u out u stupit little boy we gunna fight till the death then im going to find your pet cat and stick my rock hark penis down its troat till it cokes you shouldnt of started on the russians we are the greatest we are gods two you hail before us russians and forgive yours sins america and the rest of the world. we are the rulers of the world and theres nothing you can do to stop up. now for our national anthem…..””we are the russians we are the best we will rule and get no rest,dont be mistaken dont be mislead if you fuck with us we will fill you full of lead,we are the champions we are so cool if you think not you will eat our stools,so before you do anything get on your knees and suck our big fat dicktrees””

    • Anonymous

      American Components?… Russian Components! … ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!!

      • LOL

        Great line in the movie…I wanted to shove that female astronaut out of the way too. 😉

  • Nick4444

    Let’s take a look at #15. Note that she is getting back IN the car. When she left her seat, she could clearly see the machine trailing behind her. She doesn’t seem to be phased.

  • trigg

    óhhh yer u no how 2 get that pussy wet ohhh yer go and make ur balls sweet emma watson goo play with it go play with it go play with get it out and have a good slap with it

  • tmnt

    go the teenage mutant ninga turtle hores they rock my comics socks off

  • Dreamy

    I completely agree tmnt, whilst scrolling down I noticed a disturbing lack of comments about # 24! 😦

    dno about their ninja skills but they’re definitely nicer to look at..

  • flenin

    leonidas’ scar swaps sides on his face?

    now show me some eddie murphy ———->

  • lloydinmanchester

    I’m thinking of a list of pictures on the Chive I’ve seen that win more than #24. It’s pretty short

    • MichaelGS

      where is donatello though?

      • Ozzy

        Taking the photo…

  • Nagrom

    Emma Watson. XXXXXX

    That is all

  • Anonymous

    i really liked #28, they look so peaceful =-]

  • Anonymous

    who is 29?

    • Anonymous

      Cheryl Cole

  • Equalizer

    #3 – CAT: “I can’t believe she’s naked!…”

  • Anonymous

    who is the guy (not gerard butler) in number 7 and whats the story behind it…

  • fral

    anonymous, he’s tecno viking. #28 is a great shot, and emma needs some more meat.

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