I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook (21 Photos)

  • tommybhoy

    100% full of WIN!!!!!

    I would do all of them….am not picky

    • Andy

      Mmmm, yeah that chimp is hella handsome…

    • MJNader

      I have better looking g friends on facebook

    • smiles

      I don't know if the chimp would be too happy though…

  • NTFW

    FML I'd give anything for number 1… woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.


    • Slavetothetrafficlight

      Yes, she is gorgeous. My wife kind of looked like that 60 fucking pounds ago.

    • Nateb123

      You’re not missing much. That awkward smile says “I’ve got hangups and don’t know the first thing about good sex”. You see it a lot these days…

      • forge

        I concur, that’s her in #5 and the way she’s standing just SCREAMS “I’ve never given a decent pony ride and I’m too insecure to get off.”

    • henro

      Any sexy girls with facebook..?cam 2cam

  • Drizzt

    Um, how can you “hate” any of this?


      I hate #s 8 and 13. They both could have been so hot, but the pictures are ruined by FUCKING DUCKFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH MUST KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and my cousin touched wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeners wieeeeeeeners!

  • Joe

    That’s a happy monkey

    • Dave

      Why is he happy that you spanked him?

  • JR

    Best group of facebook hotties yet!

  • rando


  • LOL

    And the reason to hate is…because they are on facebook where you can look but not touch? Awwwwwww…poor Leo…:'(

    Now I have to ask…did you clear all these pics with William & his lawyer? 😛

  • Equalizer

    #7 – Stupid douche bag always gets the girls…

    • RATE THIS!!!

      Stupid douche bag always making stupid comments

    • Dudebro

      And why do you think that is?

  • nouu

    skanky bitches..

  • dawson1488

    Wow, so I see two chicks on here I know. That is scary. #8 is Brittany Marsh, who went to the University of Tennessee and has been posing her scary face all over sites (super hot body though). #14 is Brittany again and the other chick is a girl I grew up with named Jenica Coleman. That chick is so stupid she once asked me and a friend if she should get “rims or hubcaps because there is really no difference”. After we told her “rims you moron” she ended up getting shiny hubcaps instead. LOLOLOL

    • LOL

      “I see two chicks on here I know…blah blah blah.” What we all really want to know is, have you seen either of them naked in person, and if you did, did you have sex with them?

      And for the love of all that is sacred & sexy…WOMEN STOP IT WITH THE DAMN DUCK FACE!

      • dawson1488

        I didn’t know just expressing my general opinion was so frowned upon. I was just surprised to see them that is all. No I haven’t seen them naked or had sex with them and I wouldn’t touch either with a 10 foot pole after knowing some of the bones they have ridden.

        • LOL

          Not frowning at all…and hell…all sorts of opinions are expressed here. If folks don’t like the opinion, not your problem at all. 😉 I was just curious. You satisfied that curiosity…hey…you satisfied a woman today! Good job! 😀 😉

      • JustAnotherGuy

        Actually, now that you mention it, I did sleep with a girl from the “who needs a photographer when you have a mirror” picture set. Was she hot? Hell yes. Was the sex good? Eh, no complaints… but nothing fantastic either.

    • Anonymous

      Brad shut the fuck up u suck lol

    • Anonymous

      Brad shut the fuck up lol u suck

      • Brad Pitt

        Anonymous you crazy!

  • dfgdstyr

    kogogo.com a leading worldwide wholesaler company (or u can say organization).

    • Tiger's Wood

      No one here gives a crap (Or should I say Fuck).

      Get outta here!

    • forge

      My penis is a leading worldwide thrill ride and is far more interesting than your f*cking wholesaler.

  • CMG

    The facebook whore look is getting awfully boring.

  • Jesus Saves

    They are all hot but the two chicks on the right in #12…OMFG!!!

    • Waterman

      Amazing. For me it's the second from the left. Guess that's how our species hasn't died out.

  • tect

    I need hotter facebook friends.

  • ThE Big-E

    How about that monkey copping a feel on that chick’s chest?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Sudden urge to dye hair blonde and get implants a foot apart…..
    okay, some of these woman are ridiculous hot.

    • nelson


      • Nateb123

        You found her “ridiculously hot”? Didn’t know it was missing…

        • Furthy

          She’s mine, damn it!!!!!! I’LL KILL YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JustAnotherGuy

    LOL at the left-most girl in #12. Suck it in all you want babe, there’s no chance you’ll look hot next to the other girls. Fatties shouldn’t hang out with hotties like that… they just look worse by association.

    • Nateb123

      You think that girl is fat? That is…terrifying.

  • JustAnotherGuy

    The girl from #1 is probably one of the hottest girls I've ever seen. I wonder if that photogenic quality holds true to reality? I'm guessing it does, but it's something to wonder.

    • G.L.

      Oh, yeah. U have a good taste. I agree with u absolutely.

      • User

        She looks a little photoshopped… the shadow on her arm doesn't make any sense, and I have seen a few shops in my time.

    • Ando

      I think it may be the same chick on the left in pic 5… ?? And, I couldn't agree with you more..!

    • User

      It's called 'Photoshop'.

  • dsfjkjl

    Congrats for the impressive bimbo collection! I don't think this article could get any shallower. Point to me one intelligent girl in these pics and I will take back my words and leave the internet forever!

    I guess I can't blame you. You are americans after all…

    • Sundance

      You're just jealous.

  • lol

    Interesting… even tho the title implies there will be some hot chicks I did not see a single one.. all I saw is some ugly fake-boobed genetic flaws plus the same two retard blondes on like 10 different pictures…

    keep up the good work “the chive”

  • nelson

    as i scrolled down, my meat scrolled up!!! lol. #2 and #4, gorgeous to my bone!!!

  • Adrian

    dam, why can’t all my friends be like that…
    usually its 2 hot girls with like 4 ugly chicks… sucks ass!

    these girls are amazing!

  • tea

    so, article-compiling-guy, youre really into bimbos, bonus points if theyre blond and bony, eh?

  • Anonymous

    this website is a wannabe dirty.com

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