I don’t remember Prom being like that… (25 Photos)

  • Drakiechan


    • Mark


      • Tiger's Wood

        Kinda looks like ass cheeks

    • Brandon

      #15 = ROFLcopter

  • rob

    #2 – Is that John Travolta!?!?

  • pickuptheotherline

    #20 is fowl. ha ha ha
    22 – momma I wanna go home!
    18 – sorry I can’t afford the limo cause I jus got this lift.

  • stafferty

    There is a shit load of doucebags in this post. And i am still a big fan of the guy who stole the sewing maching from the ups truck in a tux. Gives me something to aim for in life

  • frylock

    alot of these are from a nationwide contest to see who can make the craziest prom outfit out of duct tape. it’s legit, i swear.

  • Spiderpig615

    Way to go number 17!! get her pregnant so later on that night you can’t bone her.. Or maybe you could but you will Stab your baby!!

  • top dog

    This is what happens when you let kids raise themselves

  • kater

    In most of the pics most of the guys are either skinny or just plain fit, and most of the girls are properly fat. How come? Also, if your are fat, and you know it for a fa(c)t, why would you insist on wearing sth that will show how fat you are and sometimes even make you look fatter? Fatties gtfo!

  • P-90

    When I left school we were offered the chance of a leaving party but nearly everyone’s thought was ‘You can fuck off! right off’ and nobody signed up for it. I was so proud of my year group that day.

  • dfgdjs

    kogogo.com a leading worldwide wholesaler company (or u can say organization).

    • inv8erzim

      STFU ahole

  • garp

    …the world is a meatgrinder, sigh

  • LOL

    {face palm} Good gawd. They took their baby to prom. Seriously? They took their baby to prom?!?

    #10 counts as an umbrella photobomb too.

  • drinkinguy

    this is a nightmare.
    seriously a frickin nightmare.
    except for #10, now that’s a good look.

  • Bob

    So in 20 the girls get thier hands on some cock before prom? Badum ching!

    Fear for the future

    • kjellupa

      Shit! You beat me to it.

  • McBeastie

    #23 = mail order bride from Ukraine. Has to be.

  • Equalizer

    What’s wrong with #7?

    • inv8erzim

      I looked again at #7… and yup.. I got nothin…..

      • kjellupa

        The guy reminds me of Victor Numspa from the Golden Child

        • hoff

          its cos they are fat man

  • Kapica

    Hehehehehehehehe. No 12 owns the shit out of everybody…

  • ChrisDG74

    #21 – Douche-a-loompa alert.

  • confused.

    maybe some of them are themed proms…

  • winston002

    # 4 really likes mercedes, or failed at peace signs

    # 23 dwight shrute went to prom?

  • AD

    Anyone notice how the guy in #12 resembles Robert Pattinson?

  • fourtwenty

    #3 – darkness, everybody, darkness……im as cold as ice. dave chappelle————–>

    • ERock0811

      Good thing he didn’t go with the black tux….he would have been invisible

  • FairlyOrdinary

    16. Buzz, Your girlfriend, Woof.

  • BillyBlaze

    Whats up with the crashed UPS truck in 12?

  • pookie

    That guido prom picture will never get old

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