I don’t remember Prom being like that… (25 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    I cannot believe I was all weepy about missing prom.
    I didn’t realize how blessed I was.

  • goposaur

    that frigging asteroid can’t come soon enough

  • goochiebag

    21. Blackface is NEVER acceptable prom attire. Somebody ought to whoop some sense into those weak ass wanna be Gulie types from Jersey.

  • licious

    is # 25… USHER??????

  • terry

    18 19 are awesome, is 17 pregers? and 22 what the fuck

  • dt520

    #4 actually managed to pull of the worst of the 60’s, 70’s, AND 80’s.

    And the dude has an emo haircut, so 00’s as well.

  • femtrooper

    I want helicopter hair

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  • Devon

    Half of these don’t count lol they’re from the duct tape prom challenge thing from like two years ago. I think they look pretty awesome.

    Now, the ones that actually are in bad taste, WTF?

  • MichaelGS

    #3 lost his pimp hat yo!

  • jenn

    erm this is going to sound horrid..
    but anyone else notice how many of them were black?

  • Jon

    Oh man…it’s so difficult to pick a winner, but bringing your kid to prom? Tough to beat.

  • Toot

    Number 14 isn’t even a damn prom picture!

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  • Gallilea

    You know… #22 is disturbing enough until you realize their kid is WALKING on it’s own, (makes you wonder how old the girl was when she had the baby that they took to prom!!!)

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  • Anonymous

    I like how the fat chicks all look like their dates are homosexuals!!! pooor fat chicks….

  • Anonymous


  • sgrodahl

    Man, taht was a lot of "couldnt get a date, going with my gay friend-couples".

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