One of our own sexy Chivers makes Finals for hottest college chick around (16 Photos)

One of our long-time Chivers, Ashley, has made it through to the Final Four of College Humor's Hottest College Girl '10. Since we opened our doors a year and a half ago, Ashley has been a regular contributor to this humble site, sending in photos that often appear in our Daily Randomness. Now it's time for us to give a little back to Ashley. Until midnight tonight, Ashley is has been in a heated internet hot-off with some chick that doesn't go to theCHIVE. So let's show this Penn State hottie how we roll, click here and cast a vote for Ashley.
Do it for your country!

For more about Ashley click here. To go vote her to flawless victory CLICK HERE.

Why you ask?? Because we support our own.

  • ale

    she is hot dam

    • Furthy

      Very hot. Borderline duckface though, and I thought that was a Chive no-no for hot girls.

  • daniel

    do want.

  • Equalizer

    You’ll have my vote… in one condition…..

  • youngAnnikensucked

    this is relevant to my interests

  • Verbal Kint

    Hey Ash – Call me old fashioned, but now that I’ve seen you in your underwear, it would be un-gentlemanly for me to not buy you dinner. Call me.

  • John

    hey all,

    Ashley’s been on theCHIVE bandwagon since the early days (back when we kinda’ sucked). So all the support is greatly appreciated. It’ll only take a sec to vote. Get her thru to the next round and we’ll do it again.

    Chive On!

  • HellHathNoFury

    She’s a hot Chivette! She has my vote!

  • tect

    Chive on you sexy gal. You have my vote.

  • Maynard

    Penn State proud hottie…from Reading no less. Hey Ashley meet me at the Silo?

  • B

    ….unable to form coherent sentence….the hottness….yesssssssssss…..

    (Let me know when this gets creepy.)

  • Tiger's Wood

    I like #7…. oh to be hitting that from behind!

  • garp

    …how refreshing to scroll through a series of shots on one subject model and not one of them is a duckface shot….kudos Ashley

    • garp

      ….my apologeesh fellow shivers, I am obvioushly shitfaced (hic)

  • Poon

    enough of the duck lips already

  • pickuptheotherline

    Good luck hottie.

  • stand3RD

    nick rack

  • WhereWasItLastTime

    57/42 right now . . .

    • Nateb123

      54 46 now. Continue to turn the tide Chivers! That blonde chick she’s up against is WAY less hot.

  • Mattythegooch

    Smashley, no more smooch lips (duck face) other than that…you are allowed to have sex with me.

  • dawson1488

    This is the chick I picked from the beginning. I’m in love with her. I wish they would stop changing the pics but sometimes the new ones are better!

  • nouu

    i’d like her butthole till it was raw.

  • meh

    She’s got the perfect amount of jiggle right now, but…

    …she has the body type of a girl that’s going to quickly gain 20-30 lbs as soon as she gets married (if not before).

    • RubberDogTurds


      • Anonymous

        awww it’s so cute when people get jealous!

  • powersticks

    Sorry but I voted for the other chick.

    • Verbal Kint

      negging doesn’t work over the innerwebs guy. Thumb down

  • n1ghtstalker

    God she is sooo hot! She makes me feel all kinds a funny!

  • Bixia

    Oh, another duck face with big tits… no class at all and poses like real slut..

    • Phideauxe

      #7 – Next time shop the douche out.

  • TomorrowByStorm

    But…But…But the other chick can do the SPLITS, and more importantly wields a freaking KEYBLADE! *grumbles*

    She is hot..and she Chives…so Vote earned. I voted for her 59/41 at the time of my vote.

  • morly

    Go Ashley! 🙂

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