A ‘man-cave’ I shall have, oh yes (13 Photos)

This is a man’s rehearsal studio if I ever saw one.

  • webuserbh

    FIRST! (i hope)
    that’s one hell of a man cave i would like to own, would add a screen with a fireplace too!


  • Drizzt

    What’s up with the stupid floppy hat? That’s probably not even his guitar.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I love the exterior, but no bed and mini fridge in lieu of big, naked bookcase? Shame!

  • major quimby

    i’m in love with a house

  • top dog

    I like it, but I would have worked harder on the interia decoration. It look more like a office than a man cave with that furnature. I shall have something like this in my back yard, I will call it “The Dungeon” with a sign that says “Enter at your own risk”

    • top dog

      Thats Interior decoration.

      • Ryan

        That’s interior decoration.

        • top dog

          What are you a gram-her teacher?

  • Brandon

    Too bad the inside sucks

  • HellHathNoFury

    this is were i lost my viginity when i was about 27 i was a slow starter but now i cant stop

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yes, 3 years from now, when my child turns 12, I will lose my virginity in that cabin.
      Sorry about your bad jokes, bro.

  • Equalizer

    I wish I have a summer cabin like this

  • pookie

    Who the fuck likes that interior color? It’s public swimming pool blue, and ugly as shit.

    I would have gone with a wood texture.

  • Douchebag McQuack

    Since when did 9 become the new 13?

  • nogalito

    Hey i think we have a hell hath no imposter on here.

  • Chest Rockwell

    My sister’s asshole is a nicer man-cave than that.

  • reecedawg1

    nice spot, just looks a little boring on the inside…

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    that guys a mutt

  • cee

    Hahaha that’s my best friends father! he’s cabaratier, freaking funny this

  • whatshisface

    8==========D <—- man points when i saw the outside
    (*) <———- vagina points when i saw the inside
    p.s. no porn sitting out in the open = no man cave

  • Marty

    Kinda gay.

  • http://www.arboristsite.com/firewood-heating-wood-burning-equipment/169178.htm#post2873182 How's this for a man cave? (yes it's firewood related) :)

    […] How's this for a man cave? (yes it's firewood related) 🙂 this would be cool to have in the back 40 to hide from the wife or uncle sam. Log Cabin Studio : theCHIVE […]

  • deano

    When he upgrades his pick axe to diamond, he can make it out of obsidian! damn creepers…

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