Lamborghini Yacht is unreasonable (14 Photos)

  • D'oh

    I always preferred Ferarri over Lamborghini as Ferarri feels more classy and less…decadent, although that does depend on the model. But damn I love that yacht…

    • guido

      FYI it’s FERRARI not ferarri, my decadent friend

      • Ditchpig2000

        Nothing like a good burn to start the week.

        • mattywestside


  • AlexTheSemiGreat

    It looks like Batmans boat. If he had one of course,

    • Anonymous

      he does,its called the batboat.

  • sickchuck

    What is the little door at the bow? Photon Torpedo Launcher?

    • oli

      its where the white flag pops out, standard equipment on italian boats

  • top dog

    Look like a giant speed boat, If somebody is giving one away I’ll take it, cause I sure couldn’t afford one. SWEET!!!

  • Bouff

    Didn’t I see this boat on Thunder in Paradise?

    • shouldbeworkingtoday

      that boat might look good on screen

  • garp

    …only a wussie flits around in a boat that has no radar profile….gimme a Monk McQueen any day of the week

  • pookie

    While I would say that I’d want fishing mounts on that boat, if I had it, there would be 10 naked women running around all day and no time for fishing.

  • Equalizer

    Now, I just need to buy a Mansion besides the beach

  • tommybhoy

    Just build it and stop teasing us!!!

  • toilet paper

    Nice Lamboat.

  • inismor

    ooohhh… is that the new model of floating coffin?

  • gonzo

    as a marine designer, i gotta say that is actually quite hideous. a riva is a nice boat, and a DZ750 is a nice boat… this ‘lamboat’, not so nice

  • Chest Rockwell

    The Lamboat looks pretty sick to me, marine designer dude. Looks like it’s pushing the envelope. Your job may be in jeopardy.

  • MichaelGS


  • Paul

    So how big is it? looks kinda small to me..

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