These people exist…no really (38 Photos)

  • webuserbh

    LMAOO! Chive you make my day at work worth it…
    I just can’t find a favourite, they’re all so freakin’ funny! i guess #16 & 20…

    #22 can’t beat those dance moves! Owwwww! Cha’mon!

  • Ranger Danger

    #27… Pauley Shore has brothers?

  • Andere Koek

    #14 that’s just sad
    #15 win

    • Evan

      #14 looks like she put here head in somethings ass…

    • Maddog

      #14 IS sad indeed. I was wondering what ever happened to the costume from Thing the TV show

  • Borracho

    #8- “Ginger Spice” is a guy, and “Scary Spice” is… Al Roker?
    Yeah I could have said scary, but that’s too obvious.

  • brittany

    Wrong that I think the tron outfit is AMAZING?? ftw!

  • stafferty

    #6 I know I have to make some reference to Spaceballs , but I am not sure what. I’m thinking this it is some wierd, twizted love child of Dark helmet and Dot Matrix. (Look it up you little bastards)

    • Rob

      Hmmph. And here I was thinking it was more BDSM Jetsons.

  • kirts197

    #5…too many things are wrong there

  • B

    Seriously, why NOT a goat???

  • HellHathNoFury

    look look every1 thats me in #30 thats how i got my AIDS

    • LOL

      HHNF stalker wanna be’s need to be lowered into a vat of battery acid very slowly…then lift them out…then dip in…then out…then in…until just the tips of their dicks & twats touch…then agitate a little…then PLUNGE up to the neck. Seriously. Life’s too short for that crap. 😛


      #30 I’m sorry honey…If you’re gonna do that, next time eat soft foods the day before…and lubrication is key okay? 😉 🙂

      #1 People need to stop trying to get on Jackass. 😛

    • HellHathNoFury

      Dude, why you gotta make fun of my AIDS? It’s a terminal illness, just like your bad jokes.

  • Equalizer

    #8 – Spice Girls?

    • Dave

      Well, I’m pretty sure Ginger Spice is a a guy there.

      #30, I’m sorry, baby. I won’t do it again.

  • Dom

    #37, Uncle Rico went all bad ass.

  • confused.

    Damn you, Spice Girls!! And those platform sneakers I’m wearing in half my childhood pictures, too!

  • BillyBlaze

    14 is leather. Thats not supposed to be a color

  • BillyBlaze

    Is 30 another Roethlisberger victim?

  • Anonymous

    # 30 FTW!

  • goochiebag

    What’s wrong with #4? That’s my idea of a good looking family.
    Obviously from the late 80’s, early 90’s. Say what you will about Emo, but the OG goths and punks were cool as hell, back in the day before the whole look was available at the shopping mall.

  • top dog

    In 23, Grandma forgot how to hold the ….thing.
    In 36, Grandpa still remembers, KNEAD EM GRANDPA!!!

  • toilet paper

    I feel much better about myself now.

  • kjellupa

    And these kind of people breed… *shiver*

  • dogboy44

    Some of these are classified in a game I like to call “Boy or Girl?”

  • KCMonky

    #5 – “Why not a goat” is my catch phrase of the day
    and octo-mom FTW

  • reecedawg1

    the dude in #20 has tangled eyes….

  • Anonymous

    i think that girl from pic 30 is ana the one with the lexus!!!!!!!!!!

  • MichaelGS

    #10 looks familiar. are they the legs of some one who had a beaver on a leash that one time? they look like similar legs to me.

  • Irwin 109

    It’s a collection of ‘those people you know and don’t know why”

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