These people exist…no really (38 Photos)

  • Nosferatu

    #22 strait edge. He is naturally like that, no chemicals involved what so ever. Scary.

  • TheVoicesInYourHead

    The guy in 15 is awesome. nuff said.

  • Man

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with #37

  • Turd

    I cant tell if #36 excites me or disgusts me………..

  • schango

    Note to self: Never ride the subway

  • Just Honest

    The twins have an unusual story. The men are sex-changed women and the women are sex-changed men. They fell in love with each other and married. They live in the Midwest.

  • downfall616

    #36 "Grandpa, *giggle* stop it!"

  • Shinrahunter

    #16 Burt Reynolds?

    #3 Seriously, if that were my kid I'd abort him.

  • cheeseSammich

    #30 – pics or it didn't happen!
    #36 – like a boss

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #36 Haha wtf???

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