• sukotai

    you fail so much.. this is a disease of the nervous system.. poor creature..

    • MrSkylar

      Hi Bob. thanks for copying my video.

  • not funny

    guys, remove the video. that dog is sick.
    really, not funny.

  • Matt

    FUCK YOU CHIVE!!! that dog is sick, hes not dancing to the beat. Bob your a fucking asshole. that poor dog.

    • tyker

      go fuck yourself matt your taking this way too seriously

  • smithey

    thats some pretty nice rhythm for a white dog

  • reecedawg1

    poor dog…..

  • Anónimo

    Agreed. You should remove this video, it’s pure ignorance.

  • giraffe

    way to keep it classy chive… maybe you could post a vid of michael j. fox trying to eat a bowl of soup next!

    • Who?

      Oh come on. You know as well as I do that if that video were posted, you’d watch it.

  • augwell

    srsly. this is not funny at all. poor dog has a disease…

    and I just started to like this site…

  • HellHathNoFury

    Wow, that is very sad.
    however, for those of you condemning bob, many people have no idea that animals get spinal injuries and nervous system maladies just as people do, nor their symptoms. it wasn’t cruelty on Bob’s part.

    • Matt

      yet we are all telling him to remove the video and he doesn’t.

    • Dex

      “Wow, that is very sad” indeed for a humor site, yeah thanks for posting sad videos on a humor site. Tasteless.

  • Dudeman

    It’s not really cruel, especially when it casts it in a good light… And at least the dog still has it’s life, would you rather kill the dog so we can’t see it with it’s disease. Now, I’ve never heard of such disease before but regardless… it’s not like “hey let’s laugh at the retard!”

    • Dex

      …and you’re doing just that. you retard.

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  • aaron


  • Dex

    i have a dog that can barely sit or stand showing the same symptoms as this one before he died, i found this video hard to watch…

  • sukotai

    the disease is called canine distemper… and dogs definitely don’t know rhythm. Please remove this video.

  • Random


    • Who?


  • Anonymous

    come on you guys, it was an honest mistake, I haven’t heard of that disease either. Most of you are first to laugh at different people, yet now you are all insulted?

  • viraldacay

    O come on, its not like the dog is hurt in any way on this video. Get off your high horse for petes sake. Take a laugh at his movements matching to the beat and move on.

  • number44is171

    This dog may have a problem, but its fucking funny. Enjoy it.

  • Dee

    This was cute and funny till I found out it was really, really sad. Poor puppy 😦

  • Anonymous

    You people are dumb its called keep calm and chive on I love people who take stuff serious on this sight like its affecting them personally grow up

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