Beyonce is on Jay Z’s Sizzler diet (9 Photos)

  • Stubb

    Is the sand meant for camouflage?

  • DUH

    I thought she was hot…..damned was I wrong. At least she’s not as ugly as Michel Obama Banana

  • lol

    being fat is having blubber hanging out and being thick (like beyonce) is being big BUT toned 🙂 also you can take ugly pictures of absolutely everyone

  • DUH

    I do her anytime. But seriously…it’s amazing how makeup can fool us.

  • Evan

    This is not fat. From what I’ve seen in the States, about 75%-90% of the American people are bigger then this.
    However I don’t like the whole “sand-look-thing”. 🙂

    • WeirdGary

      “sand-look-thing”? Who are you quoting?

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Its hard to tell if thats sand, or the Colonel’s secret recipe ? Maybe she’s better deep fried!

    • s3xt0y

      Thats ignorant and stereotypical.
      White people never change.

      • 1337drewby

        “White people never change”

        Cool stereotype, bro

        • s3xt0y

          Well I’m sick of racism, and it’s true, I can’t stress on how many countless people say stereotypes and throw the n word around like no tomorrow, and saying white people never change technically isn’t a stereotype, because well after 50 years and a lot of them are still the racist baboons that their grandparents were, it’s sickening.

          • MichaelGS

            i see you follow the cartman school of thought: ” the only way to fight hate, is with more hate”.

            Hows that working out for you?

      • Paul

        Sick of Racism?
        Nice Racist remark you Jackass..

  • APerson

    She looks healthy and like she’s having fun. Who cares, anyway?

  • Chaim

    Damn she’s ashy.

    • Tiger's Wood

      Yea I think she’s looking for the Cocoa Butta

  • booyah

    Shoot. i aint payin ur telephon bill, i aint payin ur automo-bill…

  • Ditchpig2000

    Where is she fat? Yeah, she’s got some hips, but definately not fat. The world needs more curvy women.

  • bowhuntpa

    glad he didnt put a ring on it

  • top dog

    Thats a fucked up shop job. I’am not a fan of hers but she look better than that on her worst days.

  • Jenn

    Keep in mind aswell that when we see her onstage and tv she is a. in a professionally chosen outfit to accent and hide accordingly b. almost always in stilettos

  • Equalizer

    She’s beginning to look like Jay Z

  • Anonymous

    I’d still hit it!

    • ChrisDG74

      Yeah – with a baseball bat maybe.

  • ChrisDG74

    Never did understand what the big deal was about her anyway.

  • brittany

    Chive! you missed the photo where her tiddaay pops out!!!!! Other than that whats wrong with these photos? I would still let her sit on my face!

  • yep

    the photos are shopped to make her look bad dumbasses. go look at any other half a MILLION photos of beyonce, including live performance shots, videos, etc. You are all hateful idiots to immediately believe this is what she looks like.

  • pookie

    Even if its shooped, this isn’t fat. That might be some extra pounds, but if you think that’s actually fat you’re delusional.

  • apeo

    She was buried up to her neck in sand.

  • JoBo

    I thought it was Miley at the first look Lawl 😀

  • FartFace

    OMGZ! she’s such a HOG! no wait, she’s actually just completely normal. grow up, people.

  • Unlce Fumbles

    You can tell us Americans are getting fat when people consider this skinny….

  • maryjane

    I’m thinkin it was simply a bad swimsuit choice..

  • s3xt0y

    wtf? she’s not fat, her body is amazing.

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