Beyonce is on Jay Z’s Sizzler diet (9 Photos)

  • 2257

    What’s in the cat is in the kitten. She’s gonna look just like her fat ass mom. Not even Jay-Z’s dough can make that bitch thin. Shame. Still fuck her in her turd cutter, though.

  • http://thechive dabehbehyeh

    I’m so tired of this no-singing girl I dunno what to do. Don’t understand the fascination. Got any pics of her falling on stage. I can’t get enough of those.

  • nouu

    fat nigger,

  • Sammy Sue

    she isnt fat she is curvy hourglass bitches.

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    thought it was Jay Z but then — i didnt see the enormous lips

    so ya its beyonce and she’d look good in a crock-pot

  • ThatGuy

    It was weight gained to play Etta James in the movie Cadillac Records.

  • Jasmine

    The fact that Beyonce, who is beautiful and curvy and much more attractive then stick thin celebs, can be called fat, is so dissapointing.

  • Anonymous

    Chive, you make me want to leave you behind for good when you post things like this. Even if she were fat, which she completely isn’t, I don’t think being fat is something funny and gross that we can point and laugh at.

  • bee

    She is chunky and has stumpy pillars for legs. That is her body shape though, she seems to be naturally on the thick side. Yeah, in the video/photo shoots they skew and elongate the body and retouch things to the point you see nothing real left, they are selling you the fantasy, here is the reality.

  • Sam

    maybe its because shes pregnant?

  • mith

    I think I just threw up on the floor. Yep the looks like what I had at lunch.

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    Beyonce Fat : theCHIVE

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