• Nick

    Stairway to salvation

  • Alcoholic1

    Shittier 2000, built in pump to suck the shit rite out of ya!!!!!

  • Manicotti

    Even during his childhood, Arthas Menethil knew he was destined for a magnificent and elevated throne.

  • Mr Griffin

    King of the castle!

  • :O

    Palace of Versailles, 2010 redneck version.

  • Vrye Denker

    Stairway to heaven

  • Irwin 109

    Meanwhile in that hotel you booked online…

  • OneClownShoe

    One step for #1, 2 steps for #2.

  • Matthew Verlinger

    On the stairway to heaven there really is holy crap!!

  • top dog

    Shit! I’am too drunk to try, I’ll check the other shitter.

  • B

    The LBJ Meeting Room, White House, Washington

  • Anonymous

    king of the shit house

  • hey hi

    king of the shit house

  • Bob

    That’s what your problem is, you’re puttin the poopie on a pedastle!

  • Albanian

    Next generation shitier for fat guys… they will exercise no mater what 😀 😀

  • Verbal Kint

    As my pappy always said “Shit flows down hill”

  • Spikn

    Ascending The Throne.

  • Fandango

    Visit the beautiful Cascading Waterfalls of Estonia.

  • Nicnac

    “Gentlemen, please step up to the throne”

  • Slayer_731

    . To shit where no man has shit before.

  • Anonymous

    “That’s weak. I have an escalator.”

  • Amurika

    “And this is where I go to take epic shits!”

  • TDG

    Gettin’ high on the pot
    Proof that shit does roll down hill

  • Todd

    And you think your job sucks… Try being the guy holding the bucket underneath this…

  • MechanicalENGR

    One who sits on toilet is high on pot.

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