Celebrities and their cartoon look alikes (20 Photos)

OK, so there are a few non-celebrities in there that were just too perfect to pass up.

  • Chris

    The kid cosplaying as the one from UP is awesome. Great, great cosplayer.

  • Trogdor

    #9 is all wrong. Fiona is just a fat version of Cameron Diaz……you know, the person VOICES that character. CHIVE EPIC FAIL!!!

    • Lit

      Shut up troll

    • Jake

      i agree danielle is too hott for that

  • major quimby

    Oldman – Flanders… absolutely hilarious… gonna print it and put in on my office wall…

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Madonna as Skeletor is great… but Iggy Pop fits with either of them too

  • eh

    I never though someone could look so much like that cartoon in #19.. @_@

    • freshfraser

      I feel bad for this dude actually :/

  • top dog

    Thats frackin hilarious man, But I thought the real Peter Griffin had a chin like a pair of balls.

  • TC

    Of course they would make Reverand Jackson’s character a black guy… how racist?

    • Fandango

      Do you know what “look alike” means?

      • TC

        I know I was being sarcastic about the good Reverand. It was tongue in cheek

  • Equalizer

    #8 – LOL! I didn’t notice that when I watch the movie batman, thanks for pointing it our chive.

  • Anonymous

    Manning? Really? I know Milhouse is a dork, but he’s not retarded!

    • 1337drewby

      i thought you were about to defend eli manning, but lol’d when i got that you were defending millhouse AKA Thrillho

  • FartFace

    Paul Giamatti and Homer Simpson? that’s quite a stretch.

  • not_cool

    i always wonder, about how Skeletor is so buff, while being all bones…

  • Commander

    no no, Princess fiona should have been Kim clijsters

  • http://www.djmick.co.uk/coolclicks/celebrities-and-their-cartoon-lookalikes-funny-sports-gifs-awesome-street-art/ Celebrities And Their Cartoon Lookalikes, Funny Sports Gifs & Awesome Street Art | djmick: V2

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  • dea9

    #6 #19 Celebrities?

  • levitating

    thumbed up all your comments …you're fucking welcome.

  • Anonymous

    #19 looks so frekin much like butt head the resemblance is uncanning

  • Shawn

    These were all good. Nice work chive.

  • The Emperor

    If you want a Quagmire lookalike google the Welsh rugby player Jamie Roberts.

  • Lucky

    umm…howbout no. Roberts looks nothing like Quagmire

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