Fire hydrant ownage (16 Photos)

  • Bostanimus

    Imo servers em right for parking near the hydrant…

    some ppl just dont have enough “common” sense.. if it still exists 🙂

    • northerner

      very little evidence in today’s society that ANY common sense exists. If it does, it is sadly UNCOMMON sense…eh?

  • top dog

    Theres a reason why you don’t block fire hydrants, and this is why. They will break your windows and fine YOU for it BUTTPLUGS!!! If it was me I would have used the jaws of life to ripp the doors off.

    • Mike

      Why would you use the jaws of life? Have you ever used those before? I have and it takes a lot longer to use them and remove that door then it does to break that window and run a hose through it.

  • HellRazer

    Why the repeats? Just trying to fill some space there guys?

  • sparky3533


  • Hero's Comeback

    I know that 4 and 6 are then same, but i know who’s van it was, where it was, and saw it happen. This guy thinks hes a fireman and is known throughout the area. This happened near the boarder of Camden and Gloucester City in South New Jersey. The fire fighter who put the hose through the window said to me later during the fire “yea I knew who’s car is was and I have the biggest smile on my face when I did it. “

  • Equalizer

    #7 – HA-HA!!

  • confused.

    #16 ftw HAHAHAAAA

  • peteyroberto

    11 lookslike the fire hydrant is happy and doing the backstroke

  • eh

    The firefighters don’t care if yur mayor or not. When the fires come, idiots’ car windows shall be broken.

  • dt520

    They only tell you on the sign that you get a ticket for parking by the red line, I think it would get through more if you told them their car would get fucked up so the hose can get through.

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