Window’s future phone is…different (6 Photos)

Windows Future Phone uses an intuitive user interface which makes it quite the high tech tool. This concept cell phone features the latest Windows Mobile user interface, 3D video calling & apparently is see through, which I still don’t have an opinion about yet but whatever. What do you think?

  • (A)

    It seems like a really cool idea, and great for people who don’t have a very physical life. The see-through aspect makes it seem really fragile though, but then again most new phones are. Plus, my phone already has the weather effects whenever i go outside.

    p.s. First? Sorry it’s my first and last time.

  • Chris

    See-through… completely? Where are the electronics? How do you plug it in? >.> Looks awesome, but I think we already have too many cards in our pockets.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    i think having to draw every single character to text message would turn off 90% of consumers.

    • Jer

      Why? right now people have to type ‘every single character’ on a tiny little keyboard.. with the right programming i think it could be much better.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        You tap one button to make a character, opposed to having to drag tour finger around to make that character… I’d say ‘tapping’ is a lot faster than dragging, doncha think? It’s like comparing a hand written letter to typing an email, which is faster?

        • Jer

          Depends, Are you 14yrs old, 40 yrs old or in between. its compareable. I’m 23, grew up with pc’s.. still look at the keyboard to type.. but i can still write a 2page estimate for a cust in half the time.

          • SaintxXxAsh

            you still look at the keyboard to type and you grew up with pc’s? tragic.

            • Jer


            • dub

              You were kind of a bitch 62 weeks ago.

  • Adam

    This is both old and retarded. All this guy did was draw some phone pictures on pieces of plastic. Normally, when someone comes up with a concept for something, they include how it works in that concept. That’s why people get worked up about concept cars, because they actually work, and again, this guy just drew pictures of phone screens on plastic.

    • JV

      you’re right. look at the time, it never changes from 7:12 A.M. even though clearly more than a minute would have passed. also, how exactly is it a phone? there’s no mic or speaker.

  • top dog

    I shall look for this phone, as soon as it hit the market. However I do wonder, how much does it cost?

  • Maynard

    “When you blow your breath, it moves into the handwriting mode.”? Wow that’ll save you from touching it to go into handwriting mode.

    Way cool but way useless.

  • Irwin 109

    Always a tough one with tech’ like this. It looks really good, however when brought into the real world I question three things:
    Battery Life
    General Usage

    My main concern (even though it is just a concept at the moment) is battery life, touch screen phones are lucky to last a day and therefore still aren’t good enough for me, I need a phone that can last at least four days in battery life…

  • Equalizer

    I hope it doesn’t freeze or hang up like my vista

  • The Internet

    I declare this to be both FAKE and GAY.


    The Internet

  • hatewerK

    Pointless – even if someone wants to buy it he actually can’t: it’s transparent, you won’t see it on the shop stand 🙂

  • Dude

    Awesome o.o
    How the F are they going to make it completely ransparent though? Where will be the battery and stuffs inside?

  • shane


  • dt520

    Microsoft, pull this one off for once? You always fuck up your phone market.

  • oli

    its a bit plastic card with a sticker on it, star trek is fictional

  • Richard Simmons

    Gayest phone I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen some shit, people.

  • ME

    Can you say photoshop? The hand is in the same exact position every single picture. I would find it impossible to hold my hand in the exact same position 5 times, and have a picture taken from the exact same angle in 5 different places.
    I call shenanigans!

  • Greg

    it’s not Windows as in Microsoft Windows, it’s Window as in “hey i can look through my phone like a window and see the weather”, you douches…
    This stuff is almost one year old, and it’s just a concept draw, nothing more like ideas put together with photoshop. You know like a lightsaber. It’s doesn’t really exist, it’s a nice and funky stuff that would be cool to have in real life, but so far it’s just imagination

  • joebaxter

    OMG you idiots thought this was real! I can't type LOL enough to convey my actual laughter.

    • Irwin 109

      Made me giggle too, seems a lot of people don’t know what a ‘concept design’ is!

      • Idiots

        You’re both idiots, where in the fu*k do you think the shit you use today came from.. CONCEPTS!

        • Herby Sagues

          Yes, but this is not a concept, it is a JOKE. Don't you see that in the rainy day picture the phone is actually wet? And in the snowy day it is frosty? And that you write on the screen by blowing on ot to it gets foggy so you can make marks on the screen with your finger?
          Someone made a joke (a good one) and people in The Chive thought it was real.
          I'm seriously disappointed.

  • MichaelGS

    #6 doesnt look like you blow it to bring up the handwriting mode.
    looks more like you shout “HO!” and it phones the girlfriend. Which is kinda old because we already have voice activated calling and who doesnt save her as “HO!” into their phone?

  • LinLin

    They forgot the Blue Screen of Death Mode.

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