B-B-B-B-Butterface (24 Photos)

Dailyfill has more great butterfaces, a few controversial ones in my opinion. Click here.

  • Big Bob

    I completely agree with Lady Gag Gag and Sarah Jessica Parker being on this list.

  • Anonymous

    I know this is all based on a few opinions, but I always thought michelle williams was pretty in a dykier way, and a lot of men go nuts for audrina partridge..sooo…but yeah why not ana paquin or khloe kardashian

  • Kitty

    I don’t think anyone is ugly.. but Michelle rodriguez shouldnt be on this list ! shes hot everything

  • Anonymous

    wtf @ 12 & 13? Horses can’t be butterfaces, that’s just messed up…

  • ewwwww

    sarah jessica parker is GROSS

  • WTf dude?

    Vida Guerra a butterface? How?

  • ROR

    Why are 4, 7, and 19 on here??

  • Anonymous

    sarah jessica parker (foot face) should just have her picture repeating, repeating, repeating, over and over and over again

  • Matt

    Half of these aren’t butterfaces. Some don’t eve have the body and some do have the body, but their face isn’t a butterface. Some of these woman have the body AND the face, which means they shouldn’t be on here.

  • pookie

    hahaha.. the only one I don’t really agree with is Vida Guerra, I think she’s pretty cute in the face.

  • JQ

    Michelle rodriguez is not a butter face! and who is # 19

  • wow


  • Gorgon

    A lot of girls here depicted are not butterfaces at all. Also, where is Scarlett Johansson? this list FAILS!

  • Vern

    #9 is f*ing hot!!!!

  • RandomRolis

    Wait, i mean come on, that is not butterface, well tori spelling, and then sarah jessica, and then GAGA GAL, but everybody else, i would have to disagree, if their face looks half decent its automatically eliminated from the butterface stage

  • memo

    Michelle Rodriguez is ugly, she always looks likes she is angry or she has rhino up her ass, in latinamerican stardards she is not even average. In my university 90% of the women look better than that woman. I´ve actually seen better looking crackwhores.

    On the other side Vida Guerra has a nice looking face, she does not deserve to be called butterface.

  • Randomguy

    Vida Guerra, a butterface? Ridiculous.

  • Krashtester

    I was going to thank you for putting the Tori Spelling pic 1st, so as to get it over with, then you had to ruin it and post multiple pics of her later on….She’s looks like a chick that would have a yeast infection.

  • Ronnie

    god, why is toir spelling famous? her picture is right under butterface when you look it up.

  • avm

    VIda Guerra a butterface???? no way……..

  • Ms.V

    Why isn’t Kirsten Dunst on this list? She is right up there with SJP and Tori Spelling.

  • karin

    I think christina ricci has her own strange type of beauty. She’s not conventionally beautiful but she’s not ugly I love her big innocent eyes.

  • V4Vendetta14

    Michele Rodriguez is sexy!!!! She looked smoking hot in Machete!

  • mith

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  • SMK

    BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!! thats all i have to say about this gallery.. Tori has'nt been hot since 90210 the early years.. LOL

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