• chrissy

    Wider… Gooddd, a little wider… Yeh, that’s it! HEY, I told you NO TEETH!

  • Todd

    That’s not a sparkling vampire you idiot!!!!

  • stormymccloud

    It was him. The target. The source. “Biko.” Someone had gotten to him first. The Pussad? Feline Intelligence Agency? Who? Something’s goin on here and its bigger than a chewed-up pair of shoes…

  • Jaroff

    Oh Dear…

  • Anonymous

    DUDE!!! ever hear of personal space..?

  • Anonymous

    wolf say what!?

  • Anonymous

    “be cool man, he hasn’t smelt it yet……”

  • Tom


  • krwth

    Bitch plz

  • Anonymous

    “You GAY.”

  • Jess

    That’s all you, dude.

  • rwhite2366

    Geeze… sorry. I’m just sayin’, I think twilight pretty much sucked.

  • CHicck

    Whoah, homie don’t play like dat

  • h-town

    Holy shit, a fucking wolf!

  • mjt


  • Orzy

    Oh Fuck!!….I didn’t see you there!



  • FortiesLab

    mr. the beige dog is afraid of mr. the wolf

  • phlux

    maybe the dingo ate your baby ?!

  • Kinginhiscastle

    Where the hell did THAT come from?

  • sunsetgrill

    YOU TOUCHED MY BITCH!!! I'M GONNA…nevermind.

  • CC101

    (Self Thought) ::Fuuuuckk…. Should I tell him I just pissed on that??::

  • boagrius_meat

    Uhhh… Would you like a breath mint?

  • boagrius_meat

    If you tell me i need a Midol one MORE TIME!!!!

  • John

    Buck did not read the newspaper, or he would have known that trouble was brewing

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