Daily Afternoon Randomness (27 Photos)

  • yog

    I do squats on a bosu ball all the time. That isn't quite like the one above, it is half a ball with a flat, hard plastic top. You stand on the flat part and do your exercise. Always have a spotter but it is a great way to work your core at the same time as other muscles.

    • youdummy

      So I have a question. Does that orange stuff wash off like makeup or does it last like a regular tan? I’ve always wondered about that.

      • yog

        I have no idea, I don’t use spray on tans. Nor do I do fitness shows. I play rugby. I can tell you the red clay mud washes off skin but is a bitch to get out of a uniform.

        • youdummy


    • USF Bull Rugger

      Yog: This is what you have…it's really contagious and is hard to treat.

      BTW, I played rugby for my University too and if any of my teamates saw you do bosu ball squats you would never scrum again.

  • kfkfkfk

    yog says:

    douche, douche douche douche, douchey douche, douche douche.

    • yog

      Wait I’m a douche because I work out? Trying to take care of myself is bad? This is such proof that anonymity + the internet = total fuckwad.

    • evad

      you just jealous fatass, go out from your mom basement and get some exercise, and maybe you'll get a real girl, not just hentai porn. fuckin tard

  • toilet paper

    Worst! 15- Jay-Bea.

  • Steve

    14 Goldblum

  • Dirtball

    #8 = nice

  • Doug

    i agree with you. i’d also like to add #26

    • Tiger's Wood

      I strongly agree! Wish more of you girls were like that!

  • dos


  • Dingo

    #8 “this is what i do when i want daddy to say he loves me”

  • Ben

    Are the hands wrong on #15? Jay-Bea looks to have two different coloured hands…

  • +

    who is # 8? I want more.

    • Bea-Jay

      Denise Milani. Google image search is now your friend… but don’t get your hopes up for nudez… she is colossal in the obvious sense, as well as a tease.

  • Spiderpig615

    #8- like Tony Starks said….”I want one.”!!

  • goposaur

    Steve-O helmet FTW

    • MichaelGS

      thats not a Steve-O helmet. That’s Valentino’s face. Makes sense considering he’s the rider

    • Big Tuna

      Rossi is god.

  • top dog

    You might think it’s funny now but, there was a time when people actually believe #4.
    Oh and awww #18, shopped all to hell.

  • Milani Fan

    LOL # 8 is my phone’s wallpaper

  • kwnd

    #15, photoshop fail btw. wrong hand is coloured in >>”

  • HellHathNoFury

    21-Not Pictured: resulting execution.

  • greenerblues

    23 might actually have some decent “pecks’

    • radiodial

      Uh, I think she can kick my ass….

  • Howler

    #22- taken @ 12 mile Rd & John R Rd in Madison Heights, MI

  • Ranger Danger

    #8…I was not prepared
    #18 WTF is that?

  • hmmm


    • Nateb123

      27 = and art gallery exhibit that is not shopped. Fail.

    • Nateb123

      27 = an art gallery exhibit that is not shopped. Fail.

  • radiodial

    #19 – “For each action there is an equal but opposite reaction” = your feet go sideways and the barbell falls on your head and crushes it like a kumquat.
    Now that would be worth going to the gym just to see…

    • radiodial

      Make that #29…

  • Brian

    anyone know where you can get the shark in #11? That’d be a hilarious toy for the kids.

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    anyone no where taht place with the rock is – > and i shit a little when i saw jayz as one of the golden girls nice work

    • greigster

      google "kjerag", its near Stavanger, Norway

  • Nagrom

    #8 & #26.

    That is all

  • Big Bob

    @25 – To anyone that thinks this is the sexiest pic they've seen in a while – you REALLY need to get out more often. If you're unable to get out, I could at least send you some links to other sites that might do it for you….

    • Tiger's Wood

      Bob, it’s not like people are trying to pleasure themselves to this picture. It’s simply hot as hell seeing a chick shooting guns. And yes, you do have to get out to do these sorts of activities…. watching porn on the net is something that you do at home. If you need me to send you some directions to some gun ranges I would be happy to do so. That is all.

      • Denisa

        DeMitch on February 4, 2010 What year do you have? Is it a smooth ride or do you feel the bumps in the road? Is the cabin quiet or can you hear osidtue noise? Im trying to decide between the Edge, Chevy EQ, and Kia Sorrento. Need a little help.

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