Daily Afternoon Randomness (27 Photos)

  • ChrisDG74

    Chive, thank you for #8 and 26. My day is complete.

  • mirou

    #8 why you did that to me chive?
    I like #12, where is it situeted?

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Denise Milani should be in every post.

  • P-90

    #15 You have now pissed off Deadpool.
    #25 Works for me.

  • Equalizer

    #18 – “Look a talking rock…”
    #8 – HOT!
    #26 – Super HOT!

  • Pat

    # 8 Total Win!

  • Drakiechan

    The chick in #25 is holding a UMP, which makes it even more awesome, because it’s an awesome gun.

  • Jake

    #29, look at how much he’s struggling. I’m 15 and we do two plates rather than one like that. If he falls, the worst that will happen is his tampon will fall out.

  • Alex

    #25 kinda looks like there’s a urine stream ..

  • Kirbster

    #26 I want to go to there

  • DCM

    #17 is totally harmless. It’s a Honduran Milksnake.

  • yayrum

    woo the queen

  • northerner

    #8, ugly breasts detract big time from the rest of her beauty.
    #23, So So So wrong. A woman must NOT look like a man. And vice versa.

  • Pants

    Gee wilikers #8 is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    16 is perfectly safe……milk snakes are non-poisonous snakes. They just happen to look a lot like the coral snake; which is poisonous

  • speedjive

    The numbering has changed since this collection was first posted so most chivers seem to be praising a couple of drunks dancing. What we really want is more #7

    more #7 more #7 more #7 more #7

  • Ryan

    we need more of those traffic diagrams, theyre so true!

  • cyprusbill


    Remember, brothers and sisters, the glass is always 100% full. Half with water, and half with air.

  • Shrapnel

    #24 that's the strangest sandwich I've ever seen

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