It can’t rain all the time (20 Photos)

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Sometimes the success factor is overshadowed by the WTF factor… Or maybe I just need another cup of coffee…

  • tyrese clinkscale

    #11 & #18…BRILLIANT

  • Evan

    #12 The tetris one is shopped. No way you can stack’em like that, just look at !

    • charl33z

      how do you get the blocks to change colors?

  • randomhero1218

    Why is someone hiding a toothbrush?

  • stafferty

    #16 If you think that is creepy, wait until the marionette tenticles get there.

  • gozer

    so…succeed is just someone else using WIN, and calling it their own?

    • creepsareforkeeps

      It looks like suceed rather than success is the new “win’ and ‘awesome’. That is shit.

  • alkalineduo

    Surely it should say “Success”?


      You’d think so, but it’s part of a line of many caption-related intentional grammar fuckups for humor purposes. Just look around at other captioned pictures posted here and you’ll see what I mean.

      • Roscoe

        And their use of a word irks you to the point you need to rant about it?

        • alkalineduo

          I’d hardly call one sentence a rant. My work is done when I succeed in irking you though.

  • Kapica

    This is one of the best galeries i have seen in a long time….
    Sharky owns (:

  • Robbo

    #17 the ultimate tree fort


    So what’s the downpayment on #19?

  • NolaJack

    Wish I could find where to get a ‘Sharky’…..

  • ROK

    its gotta be either FAIL or WIN. succeed just sounds kinda awkward and dumb.

  • Spiderpig615

    The Dog’s costume looks pretty bad ass. Should wear it all the time and scare the shit out of other dogs at the park!

  • zahatsee

    #13 IS MARK GONZALES !!!!!!!! THE GONZ FTW !

  • Equalizer

    AK-47 Bacon is bad for my health

  • lfsg

    #4 why would I put my tootbrush in a safe deposit?!?

    • Thats Probably a Good Idea

      Why the fuck not? A twenty and a toothbrush how can you go wrong?

  • ken

    Wicked kool tree castle!

    I want a sharky.

    The giant puppet looks like win in the pic, but have that thing chasing you on a deserted street at night and see what you say then.

  • Bob

    The Crow….anybody???

    • belisariusinvictus

      First thing I thought of too, The Crow. The original Crow rocks.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Ninja Turtle Party! I’ll be Donatello and bring the jelly beans!

    • creepsareforkeeps

      Is that because you are good at working poles?

      • HellHathNoFury

        Well I’m a welder so I suppose….wait a minute…
        well played.

        • DoubleOhSeven

          Looks like James Belushi still has it after all these years.

          I’ll be Raphael.

  • cherryfuzz

    I still have that game boy too!!!

  • Dude

    Fckin 17
    I want it

  • Water

    It’s WIN, dummy. Not “succeed”. Welcome to the internets btw… oops, I mean, by the way.

  • dude

    Use success you morons.

  • mo

    It’s not SUCCEED or SUCCESS for that matter, it should be WIN.. It’s EITHER FAIL OR WIN. Shit

  • Loag

    The name of the gallery…. Quote from The Crow…. Anybody else see that??? Just me??? Ok

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