• Pufffdragon

    The icing on my birthday cake was not thick as the makeup caked on her face. Yuk!
    Great breasts though.

  • camgirl

    oh yes… she is hot alright

  • Jon

    She’s hot, but Maxim #1 hot? Ehhh…not so much. Top ten maybe, but not #1.

    • LinkMünki


  • patton303

    This overrated cunt is the bane of my musical existence and an insult to actual musicians with integrity everywhere. Coasting on your tits and ass doesn't make you a good musician. Just a very good hooker.

    She may as well just fucking do porn. I'm so sick of this shit in the music industry.

    There's thousands of less way attractive girls who can musically kick Katy Perry's ass ,

    but will never be successful just because of their looks.


    • smallchinaman

      Then how do you explain Justin Beiber? That is the ugliest looking chick I have ever seen and she seems to be doing well…

    • voiceoffreedom

      Hater's gonna hate…

  • Pufffdragon

    This maybe true. But if it came down to choosing between Susan Boyle and Kate Perry. I would choose tits over talent any day.

    • patton303

      You’ll take tits over talent any day?
      Dude… that’s fucking gay……


      • fainting

        i ll rather be gay then pick talent over tits.

      • jbob

        no youre fucking gay!!

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