There are sexy Chivers among us (24 Photos)

Thanks to all the sexy Chivers who submitted their photos this week! We’re going to be rolling out a ‘sexy Chivers’ post every week so if you’ve got what it takes, send your photos in to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com or click here and use our handy-dandy upload page. Hint: If you’re holding a sign with some CHIVE love, you’re a shoe-in. theCHIVE now has about a million daily users (no I’m not kidding) so send in your photo and collect internet fame. Do it for your country!

  • Stephanie

    I made the chive. thank you thank you thank you!


    • zym

      You didn’t just make it #14, you were in it to FTW it!

    • Ian

      Would you mind sending in the same picture, but from behind?

      • Mattythegooch

        Tit Job = REFUND

    • isawoj

      MOAR Please! 🙂

    • Jonfromcanada

      Hahaha this is hilarious, you definatly pulled it off!

    • Andy

      Amazing so hot …

    • haagandbag

      is that even legal to wear in public?

  • BGill4

    oh snap….

    • Harold^Sick

      I’ve seen enough random pr0n to say that a bunch of these are fake.

      • Bohonker

        Re: Harold^Sick

        It’s clear that this little joker is gay….

  • Lars


  • stafferty

    21, 23 and 15 are the biggest wins

    • Furthy

      #15 is the winner IMO.

  • femtrooper

    14 & 17 FTW

  • barrie

    #12 hottest i’ve seen yet. #19 close 2nd.

    and #15 yes, your costume is fucking epic

    • barrie

      correction, not 19..18 is close 2nd

      • Matt

        18? haha no way. 19 is WAY hotter.

    • somethings

      Well if you like 12 that much you can see her on plenty of porn sites… she is pornstar name Tori Black.

      • nevermind

        maybe she’s a chiver as well, i don’t discriminate, to me chive is for everybody even for pornstars:)

  • garp


  • Matt

    24 pics? only 22 now

    • Matt

      back up to 23. lol whats with this chive?

  • Equalizer

    #15 – YES! I Love your costume! (WIN!)

    • Nateb123

      Too bad she has a hip to waist ratio of 1.

  • Matt

    #20 is blazing hot. only a facial shot, but damn shes really cute. shes got that fun girl look to her.

  • Anonymous

    #2 ITS GONA BE ON MY DREAMS TONIGHT , #8 WTF!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Anonymous

    is 21 paramore?

    • Anonymous

      yep, hayley williams

  • NTFW

    you gotta be fucking kidding me… can I hollar at any of yous!!?!?!? WOW.FML

    Wish I was a hot chiver.

  • zym

    #23 = Chipples.

    And in my world, #7 broke out into a pillow fight.

  • toilet paper

    Hello ladies… Looks like this lovely day finds you equally lovely.

  • Criticalass

    Apparently there are some “un-sexy” Chivers among us too… #8

  • rando

    15, 16 win.

  • Jones

    #13 What’re we voting for you for?

  • dawson1488

    I understand having time to take an infinite amount of pictures in front of a mirror till you find that perfect one to send to the chive but seriously ladies pick up your damn rooms before you do this! It’s like they’re so narcissistic it makes them irresponsible. I do like the pics though!

  • huh

    nothing about #8 deserves to be in here.
    and 20 is duckfacing. automatic disqualification.

    • Matt

      yeah #8 shouldn’t be here. maybe the one on the right in 8. #20 is crazy hot, but yeah she is duckfacing. not a big one though at least.

  • Anonymous

    #3 is hands down the hottest, and no I don’t think it qualifies me as a stalker that I have made her pic into my screensaver.

  • jon-e

    what hell *doth* have, apparently, is a big ol’ mess…
    more boobs, less messy rooms. c’mon, people.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Couldn’t find anything else to bitch about, so you choose my floor? Reeeally?
      Sorry that my boxes of Union paperwork and blueprints, paystubs, steeltoed workshoes, welding mask, leather sleeves and coveralls were an inconvenience to YOU. Next time I get off work I’ll stack them on the ceiling, bitch.

      • fourtwenty

        thats funny. eddie murphy————>

      • Nateb123

        Consider it flattery, he actually couldn’t find anything about you to complain about

      • omg

        HHNF, you’re such a hypocrite its ridiculous…

      • DoubleOhSeven

        I don’t think anything is wrong with that picture. She has a job where she busts her ass, I don’t think many of the other girls posting pictures of themselves can say that.

        However, I find it ironic that after numerous times of telling people that you don’t post pictures because of how you look, you prove yourself wrong.

      • winston002

        where do you work, flashdance inc.?

        he is criticizing because “sometimes your best isn’t good enough”

        • HellHathNoFury

          OMG, please elaborate. Hypocrite? How so? I’m weaing more clothes than the rest combined, I’m not posing like a slut or duckfacing, and even the pics of myself owned by friends and family show my body, obviously, save they have my head in them.
          Winston, I’m a boilemaker at PSNS, Bangor, and Whidbey. My best is good enough for they and I. Bet if I were naked and under a different moniker no one would be bitching.

          • Irwin 109

            Just for the record HHNF, I love messy floors XD
            I’m sick of the dickheads that come on here to complain about anything they can without even having a real argument behind it, I’m getting sick of knocking them into the dust everytime as you no doubt are!

          • Anonymous

            Looks good go me! Good job HHNF. That said maybe a bikini and the welding mask next time?

            • Anonymous

              And the mask isn’t ’cause of your face, it’ll just up the badass factor.

  • SDchiver

    Better looking girls on this post then the beautiful faces post, good job chivers!

  • Cools4m

    # 20 , that is all

  • dkbales

    Did someone put a Barbie head on #6? Looks plastic to me.

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